The in-laws keep addressing their DIL by the wrong name, later getting humbled at the birthday party

Even if everything in your marriage is perfect and without a cloud, there are always people who are ready to spoil the ideal. And, as often happens, our relatives become such people – for example, our in-laws. And what’s most offensive, the reason for your spouse’s parenting behavior could be literally anything. It’s just that at some point it turns out that they take you personally – and that’s it, utopia is over.

The result may be complete neglect of the spouse by the in-laws, for example, not being invited to family gatherings. When you visit them, breastfeeding in their presence may be prohibited. Or maybe just an open confrontation with direct insults. From this perspective, the heroine of our next story is still relatively lucky. They “simply” refuse to call him by his own name…


Yes exactly the same. Appearing on the AITA Reddit community a few days ago, a Posted by user u/Illustrious_Bit_178 Reached about 20K upvotes and about 2.5K different comments. And the ones we’ve seen are exceptional contributors to the post’s author. Just agree, that kind of consensus makes this story worth reading together.

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The author of the post is happily married but has problems with her husband’s parents.

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So, the author of the initial post is named Rynn. Yes, that’s right, not Katherine, but Rynn. And she faced almost no problems with her name – until she got married and met her husband’s parents. They seem like wonderful people, except that they’ve had an obsession since they first met, the belief that the original poster’s full name was Katherine and Ryan was just a nickname.

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The in-laws continued to refer to the author as “Catherine” even though her real name is Ren and repeatedly asked them not to.

We’re not sure if the author of the post showed them her identity card or not, but the fact remains that despite multiple requests not to, her in-laws continue to call her Catherine almost every time they meet. . Moreover, guess how they introduced the daughter-in-law to some of her distant relatives and friends? That’s right – “Catherine”, “Catherine” and nothing but Catherine.

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Even the intervention of her husband, who had a serious talk with her parents, did not help. As a result, the couple even decided to take a short break from them while it lasted – and it worked. The in-laws even offered their sincere apologies assuring the couple that they did not mean to offend anyone. The OP thought everything was getting better. Well, as the dwarf Thorin Oakenshield aptly remarked. Dwarf“I’ve never been so wrong in my entire life!…”


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At the MIL’s birthday party, it was discovered that the author’s father-in-law had literally given his wrong name to all his friends.

MIL’s birthday came, and of course she and her husband were invited, along with other relatives and old generation friends. How surprised the OP was when some of these friends came up to her and called her “Catherine”! Of course the woman asked where their name came from, and they honestly admitted that their MIL told them so.


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The author played a small joke on his MIL for being “forgetful” but the lady got very angry.

The OP had enough of this and decided to teach her mother-in-law a lesson. “Actually my name is Ren,” he said sarcastically. But my mill is so forgetful so it gave you the wrong name. I might have to put my name on everything she has so she doesn’t forget. The joke was appreciated and they laughed together, although some guests admitted that it was a little awkward for them to give her the wrong name.

However, when the party was over and the guests left, it turned out that the OP’s in-laws took a grudge against her – allegedly for being rude and creepy for ‘trying to embarrass her in front of her friends’. Took We have to give credit to the OP’s husband – he fully supported his wife, but the parents still weren’t convinced…

Most commentators sided with the author, saying that her in-laws exposed themselves as rude and insulting.

However, people in the comments were also very supportive of the original poster, stating that it is basic etiquette to correct people’s names, to the best of your ability, whenever possible. Commenters also did not forget to praise Ren for his amazing sense of humor. And of course to have a cool name.

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Some people in the comments just told the OP to follow her in-laws and start giving them bad names too if they don’t stop calling her the wrong thing. And besides, commentators advise Rynn to stand her ground. “Way to stay strong, and it will prevent a lot of stupidity from them in the future,” wrote one of the people in the comments.

We, in turn, are almost sure that you also want to say something about the characters and their behavior in this story, so please feel free to write your opinion below this post. Comments, as always, are greatly appreciated.

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