The I’m A Celeb star talks about his unexpected career transition into music with his debut album in 2023.

SHE appeared alongside singer Boy George in I’m a Celebrity, and now Scarlett Douglas wants to follow in his footsteps behind the scenes.

The real estate developer and TV presenter revealed that she has a secret talent for singing and wants to release her own music next year.



Scarlett Douglas has revealed that she has a secret talent for singing and wants to release her own music.1 credit

In an exclusive interview at last week’s Mobo Awards, Scarlett opened up about how she’s been writing her own songs for years and how an aspiring pop star is a complete package because she also dances.

About the prospect of starting a musical career, she said: “I would like to. As long as people took me seriously, I tried to make good music. I have a musical background and have always sung and danced. Maybe I’ll release an EP.

“I used to write a lot of music, and now I don’t write so much, but I would like to return to this rhythm.


“I love entertainment, singing and dancing. As much as I love real estate development, I would like to do more variety shows.”

ITV Invites A Celebrity's Scarlett Douglas to New Major Concert
I'm a celebrity Scarlett Douglas looks amazing in pink when she hugs her brother

She was previously in a two-year relationship with singer Lindrik Ksela, who appeared on The Voice but broke up with him earlier this year.

Talking about her favorite artists, she said, “Kat Burns is incredible.


“When I went through a breakup earlier this year, I listened to one of her songs, Go, and thought, ‘Oh my God, she literally put everything I thought into this song.’ ”

One person who won’t feature on her records is Matt Hancock, his fellow jungle camper, who proved to be vocally unstoppable when he performed Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” on an ITV show.

Asked if she was shocked that the former health secretary made it to the finals, Scarlett admitted: “I was actually surprised.

“But when he was there, he did everything.


“People want to see people do trials, and he did trials.

“In the end, he did what he had to do in the jungle.”


Do you need a size down, ma’am?

Dua Lipa looked like she borrowed one of her father’s old costumes when she stepped out in this oversized outfit at the Variety Hitmakers celebration in Los Angeles.

She was the big winner at the 6th Annual Party, taking home the Hitmaker of the Year award and teasing what to expect from the sequel to the 2020 hit Nostalgia for the Future.

Dua Lipa stepped out in Los Angeles in this oversized outfit.


Dua Lipa stepped out in Los Angeles in this oversized outfit.Credit: Getty Images – Getty
Selena Gomez and Dua Lipa at Variety Hitmakers


Selena Gomez and Dua Lipa at Variety Hitmakers1 credit
2022 hitmakers brunch city market 780341473


Song of the Year Winner – Selena Gomez at the event1 credit

The Levitating singer said: “I’m in the process of writing this and it’s coming together beautifully. It will definitely be on pace.”

At the event, she posed with Song from Movie of the Year winner Selena Gomez, who won “My Mind and Me,” a track featured in her Apple TV+ paper.

CARDI B had the last laugh after being bullied for a tiny show in Miami.

Responding to a snide tweet that said she must have been desperate to perform in the garden, she shared her bill by tweeting: “I got paid $1 million to perform at this banker’s private event for 400 people and only for 35 minutes.

“Think about it when you write about this Grammy winner.”

Capture Oasis Art While Noel Supports Charity

IT is one of the most famous songs of the nineties.

Now the classic line “You can have as much as you want” from Oasis Supersonic’s debut single has been immortalized in a new piece of art.

The classic Oasis line is immortalized in a new work of art.


The classic Oasis line is immortalized in a new work of art.

Noel Gallagher partnered with artists The Connor Brothers to produce 100 limited edition prints, all signed by Noel and the brothers, with proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Connor brothers’ work sells for thousands, but he and Noel decided to open it up to the public.

For a £25 donation to the Teenage Cancer Trust, fans will be entered into a raffle draw for an exclusive print – the first of 100 created.

The draw comes after the Connor brothers were announced as ambassadors for the Teenage Cancer Trust, joining longtime philanthropic donor Noel.

There are only 1,000 lottery tickets in the draw, so head to shop.teenagec*

Matt returns for love

MATT GOSS has been single for years, but believes he has finally found the One in his girlfriend Chantal Brown—so much so that he hopes to marry her.

The Bros star, who has never been married, began dating former East Ender Paul Nicholls’ ex-wife last year.

Matt Goss thinks he's finally found the One in his girlfriend Chantal Brown.


Matt Goss thinks he finally found the One in his girlfriend Chantal Brown.Credit: INSTAGRAM/MATT GOSS

This summer, he left Las Vegas after ten years of performing to return to London, where Chantal lives.

In an exclusive chat, Matt said: “This is wonderful. We build lives, go to the movies, find local restaurants and watch England matches. This is a wonderful thing. I’m very lucky to have love in my life again.”

Asked if he sees himself marrying the jeweler Chantal, he continued, “Of course. What’s the point if you can’t see how things are going their way? This is the plan. I am romantic”.

I went to the supermarket to buy dinner and left with £50,000 rich.
Man and his buddy show off their turkey teeth, but it's not quite what it seems

But what is not so romantic is another motive that prompted Matt to return here.

He said: “The main thing that made me want to come back to London is the architecture and the feeling you have here. It’s very humiliating and beautiful.”

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