The identity of Marilyn Monroe’s real father has been a complete mystery until now… here’s how the 100-year-old mystery was finally solved

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The identity of Marilee Monroe’s real father has been a complete mystery for decades, but the 100-year-old mystery has finally been solved.

Revelation explored in new film about the life of a star Blondewhich was based on Joyce Carol Oates 2000 book of the same name.



Marilyn’s father’s identity revealed1 credit
The star never knew her father


The star never knew her father1 credit
DNA analysis confirmed that the icon's father was Charles Stanley Gifford.


DNA analysis confirmed that the icon’s father was Charles Stanley Gifford.

Andrew Dominic’s film looks at Marilyn, played by the actress. Ana de Armas– Rise to fame and its relationships.

A recurring theme in the film is Marilyn’s father and her attempts to track him down.

The Hollywood superstar, born Norma Jean Mortensen, was raised by her mother, Gladys, who is portrayed as a highly unstable woman with mental health issues.

Gladys is believed to have given Marilyn different versions of her father’s identity, but no one knew his real identity for years.

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Marilyn had a troubled childhood, her mother spent time in a mental hospital.

She spent her youth between foster families and an orphanage.

Despite the fact that Gladys’ husband, Martin Edward Mortensen, was listed on Marilyn’s birth certificate as her father, it was revealed that her biological father was actually one of her colleagues, a man named Charles Stanley Gifford.

Earlier this year, a DNA test was conducted using a strand of Marilyn’s hair that was still in the coroner’s office after her d*ath and a cheek swab from Charles Stanley’s great-grandson Gifford confirmed that he was her biological father.


The DNA test was part of a study conducted for François Paume’s documentary “Marilyn, her last secret”, released in June 2022.

Gifford was the shift supervisor at Hollywood film company, where he reportedly met Gladys.

The couple had an affair in 1925 and the filmmaker became pregnant at the age of 26 before giving birth to Marilyn on June 1, 1926.

It is said that Charles disappeared around this time and never contacted his beloved child.

Gladys reportedly never approached Marilyn’s father or asked him for money to support them.


Gifford remarried in 1919 and fathered two more children with his wife before the couple later divorced.

Marilyn tried to mend a relationship with him, but he vehemently denied the movie icon’s claims until the day he died.

Marilyn's mother Gladys had an affair with Gifford in 1925.


Marilyn’s mother Gladys had an affair with Gifford in 1925.1 credit
The film looks into the life of a star


The film looks into the life of a star1 credit

Stars first husband James Doughertypreviously described how Marilyn was “left sad” after her father denied knowing her.

Dougherty said: “She picked up the phone, found his number and called him.

“He didn’t recognize her, he said, ‘No, I don’t know who you are. Contact my lawyer.”


Charles Casillo’s Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon details how the superstar managed to track down Gifford and summon him to confront him.

According to the book, his response was: “I am married and have a family. I have nothing to tell you. Call my lawyer.”

daily mail It was reported that MarilynSidney Skolsky’s friend said she visited Charles a second time in 1950.

When Marilyn Returning to the car where Skolsky was waiting, she called her father a “son of a bitch.”

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He died in 1865 while living near Hemet, California.

A forensic team was able to track down his 75-year-old granddaughter, Francine Gifford Dare, for DNA testing.

The actress tried several times to contact her father.


The actress tried several times to contact her father.1 credit

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