The hilarious origins of the Miley Cyrus show sketch on SNL

During the AMA, Byer was asked how The Miley Cyrus Show came about, to which the actress replied, “I auditioned for SNL with a Miley Cyrus impression, and I think it was actually Seth Meyers’ idea for us to do Miley. The Cyrus Show! It’s always been a lot of fun to work on and I’ve always written it with Rob Klein and Colin Jost who are great writers!” This audition turned out to be a success, as “The Miley Cyrus Show” was one of Bayer’s most popular sketches during her tenure.


The sketches ran regularly from 2010 to 2013, with the host usually impersonating some other celebrity to interview Miley Cyrus. In the end, Cyrus herself got into the series, playing Justin Bieber in the sketch. And just to close things up, Bieber appeared in the 2013 version of the sketch where he played Pete DeFalcohe is the president of the Miley Cyrus fan club.

Bayer had other impressions in store, including Diane Keaton and Hillary Clinton. But her take on Cyrus will always be in the hearts of SNL fans.


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