The Harry Potter films make no mention of Harry and Cho Chang’s disastrous breakup


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The Harry Potter films covered a lot during their run – over 4,000 pages to be exact. That’s a lot of material from the Harry Potter books to fit in just eight films and 20 hours. Naturally, this also means that many storylines have taken a backseat as the characters travel from script to screen. In all of the Harry Potter films, characters such as Madam Hooch only appeared in one film, while major characters in the novels such as Professor Binns never appeared at all. For a moment, it seemed that Harry himself had stopped attending classes altogether.

Notably, the films also cut some of the novels. The relationship between Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) and Viktor Krum (Stanislav Yanevsky), for example, never resurfaced after they parted ways in Goblet of Fire, while they remained pen pals in the book series. However, it was an acronym for a Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and Cho Chang (Katie Leung) novel that seemed to be the film’s most egregious change in book relationships.



Harry and Cho’s relationship ended rather quietly in the films

Harry Potter’s relationship with Cho Chang does not seem to be discussed with the same frequency and verve as in the series. A novel by Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and Hermione Granger or a nasty epilogue scene. It’s not really a low point or a high point. It’s more like mech-dium. Even Cho actress Cathy Leung expressed regret over the portrayal of her romance on screen (via People). Also, her kiss with Daniel Radcliffe was ranked number two on Buzzfeed’s list. The most embarrassing scenes in the Harry Potter films.


However, Cho’s storyline underwent major changes in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Although the two meet briefly in the film, their relationship fizzles out after Cho tells the evil Professor Umbridge (Imelda Staunton) about Dumbledore’s army while under the influence of a truth serum. Upon learning this information, Harry immediately treats Cho coldly and essentially cuts her out of his life. It’s a cruel move, considering that Cho didn’t reveal the information of her own free will. More importantly, it’s a far less bombastic turn of events than what happened in the novels.

Harry and Cho’s breakup was more dramatic in the books.

In the book version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Cho and Harry’s relationship soured almost immediately after their first kiss. During their first official date at Madame Puddyfoot’s tearoom in Hogsmeade, Harry gets angry when Cho starts to reminisce about his ex-boyfriend Cedric Diggory, who died not too long ago. Conversely, Cho becomes violently jealous when Harry starts talking about Hermione, one of his best friends. Finally, the couple’s fate is sealed when Cho’s best friend, Marietta Edgecombe, willingly surrenders Dumbledore’s army to Professor Umbridge, thus ending the group’s meetings. It’s a much more explosive breakup between Harry and Cho, and it makes a lot more sense as the reason they stopped seeing each other.

Of course, as fans already know, it doesn’t really matter. In the movies, as in the books, Harry and Cho’s relationship is just a diversion from Harry’s much more significant (and long-awaited) romance with Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright), who eventually becomes Harry’s wife. This is one relationship that, fortunately, made it to the movies safe and sound.


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