The Harry and Meghan Show on Netflix: The biggest lie is that it’s a documentary

We made it, yo (With apologies to Kamala Harris.)

After 323 minutes, six episodes, two “volumes” and (restrictedly in my opinion) two martinis, we somehow made it to the end of the viewing marathon, which was Harry and Megandespite the tears, the dramatic, heartbreaking soundtrack, and the endless iPhone videos of them being pretty, it’s over.


This second installment of the series about Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Suss*x on Netflix was presented as the first failed spectacularly, offering a series of direct accusations that should have seriously worried the press departments of Buckingham and Kensington Palaces.

In particular, there is Harry’s claim that Prince William informed the press against him that messages to his father, King Charles, were “leaked” by the “institution” and his claim that he believes Meghan had a m*scarriage due to legal litigation with Mail on Sunday.

The Duke also gave details about the Sandringham summit in January 2020, saying: “It was terrible when my brother was yelling and yelling at me, when my father was saying things that just weren’t true, and my grandmother was sitting quietly and taking it all in. “.


There’s a lot more to be said about all of this, but there’s one huge fact that I can’t deny that has nothing to do with brotherly att*cks worthy of King Lear reboot.


It was not at all a documentary in a gritty, believable manner.

However, this lengthy (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh) documentary production 50 shades of grey refers to the literature: a flashy, attention-grabbing rocket that has about the same brain nutritional value as a Mars bar.


High on the agenda, low on objectivity, which is so striking Harry and Megan that’s what it doesn’t have, evasively skipping or evading and weaving in many of the criticisms directed at them.

There are two moments in the show that took almost six dark hours: the British media is a cabal that was intent on deposing the duchess, and the royal family was involved in all sorts of shenanigans when it came to briefing against the Suss*xes.

We hear from a couple of ourselves in detail. We hear from her mother, Doria Ragland, their lawyer, Jenny Aifa, passing by the former Suits the star’s friends, her niece Ashley Hale, James Hunt, the Palace’s spokesman between 2017 and 2019, who is now chief executive of the Archwell Suss*x Foundation, not to mention the writer Afua Hirsch and the historian David Olusog.

However, look beyond the endless home videos of the idyllic life of the Suss*xes in Montecito, picking oranges, feeding chickens, playing with dogs and playing football with son Archie on a lawn only slightly smaller than a professional field. as the documentary begins to dangerously wear out.


In fact, Harry and Megan this is a slow retelling of a family disintegrating in the most painful way, in which there is nothing but disagreement or even a vaguely objecting voice, no one was allowed to the camera who was not ready and would not like to recite, a chapter and verses about the extraordinary courage of H and Meg .

You have to wait until the hour mark at the end of the final episode has passed to hear something from someone who isn’t an apostle of the Suss*xes gospel, and even then it’s only in the form of an on-screen lawyer’s statement. for the Suss*xes and then public relations secretary for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Jason Knauf.


There is no mention of the Suss*xes continuing their explosive interview with Oprah despite the fact that his grandfather, Prince Philip, was in the hospital at the time and died a month later. The couple’s decision not to attend Philip’s March 2021 memorial service is also not under consideration.

More broadly, this so-called “global event” fails to resolve some of the biggest controversies that have swirled around them, and the most egregious allegations of bullying.

March 2021 once testified that the Duchess was the subject of a bullying complaint filed by Knauf in late 2018. “I am very concerned that the Duchess was able to intimidate two PAs from home last year. The treatment of X* was completely unacceptable,” wrote Knauf.

One of the sources said once: “There were a lot of broken people. The young women were broken by their behavior” and described one staff member as “completely destroyed”.

A spokesman for the Suss*xes hit back, calling the accusations a “deliberate smear campaign”.

A week ago, the world had no idea what the Duchess of Suss*x thought about being accused of leaving staff ‘trembling with fear’, and today we still don’t know.

Same once The report also claimed that Meghan wore earrings given to her by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman just weeks after the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and then wore them again in November 2018.

This controversy is never mentioned.

Then there is the Duchess Difficult case. Back in late 2018, reports first began to surface that the royal family was emailing their staff at 5am and losing assistants at an incredible rate. As with private jets, this has come up again and again.

Again, this is largely overlooked in the race to be beatified.

The list of topics this show completely ignores can pretty much be summed up as most of the moments in recent royal history where the Duke and Duchess don’t look 24-carat.

Take the events of the summer of 2019. In July, Harry released a statement via Suss*x Royal’s Instagram saying: “With almost 7.7 billion people inhabiting this Earth, every choice, every footprint, every action counts.”

Later that month, Harry flew to Google Camp in a private jet and helicopter. daily mailwhere is he for Page sixgave a speech on climate change. Then in August, over the course of 11 days, he and Meghan made four more flights in a private jet, first to Ibiza and then to the south of France on holiday.

Oh, what an irony when Harry traveled to Amsterdam in early September to launch a sustainable travel initiative called Travelyst.

This gap between his words and deeds continued. One example: Harry and Meghan reportedly refrained from commercial flights as they flew to London for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration this June, only for him to address the UN General Assembly warning of the “chaos” of climate change.

Harry and Megan it would be the perfect opportunity for the 38-year-old to fight back against the “Harry the hypocrite” trail that pops up like clockwork every time the paparazzi catch them on the pavement flying over the place.

But no, instead, we’re just another shot of them grinning madly at each other on the beach, or another caustic claim about Fleet Street being tossed around.

We don’t hear anything from the couple about why they decided to separate the offices from William and Kate, or Tiaragata, or which duchess made which duchess cry. Meghan is also not a guest editor. Fashion Great Britain is mentioned and its decision not to include the queen.

AT Harry and Megan The orthodoxy of the Suss*xes’ storytelling never stands up to anything resembling close scrutiny, awkward or uncomfortable moments are often skipped in favor of showing us another very sweet video of Archie’s son or Lilibet’s daughter.

Ultimately, the show is a testament to the extent to which the couple’s belief that they were the victims of a great injustice has petrified. There is a certain Trumpian quality Harry and Meganthe feeling that they believe that if they repeat the same statements over and over again, everyone will buy into their truth.

(While there are a lot of things I’m obviously critical of, I want to say here that it’s impossible to watch Meghan talk about her mental health battle and not be deeply moved. She’s clearly suffered, and anyone who is dealing with depression deserves selfless help and support.)

One of the few hard facts about the couple is that for the past five years they have existed at the epicenter of a transcontinental information storm, an ongoing storm that is drawing in some of the most pressing conversations of our time about race, power, contemporary media and social media. Nothing resembling any kind of intellectual energy is used.

No member of the press has a chance to defend themselves, and Buckingham Palace denied the claim at the very beginning of the first episode that they refused to take part.

Ultimately, this was not a documentary based on wits and careful research, but a very brilliant family drama that stretched over too many hours to tell one very specific “fairy tale”.

Toward the end, Meghan recalls that in her wedding speech, she said, “First of all, love wins.” FROM Harry and Meganfirst of all the spin wins.

Daniela Elser is a writer and royal commentator with over 15 years of experience working with a range of leading Australian media outlets.

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