The futuristic bubble car that cost $75,000 to American assembler Mike Wolfe

Mike Wolfe discovers the real find while on a road trip with Danielle Colby. As long as it looks like Homer Simpson can design, these bubble machines were a real novelty in their time. They represented the future of automobiles, but of course the industry went in a different direction and they are hard to come by these days.


Entering the market was a big opportunity for Wolfe and Colby. Naturally, a car will require tender love and care to fully restore it. But few doubt that there will be a collector who will jump at the chance to buy this thing. The seller wants to sell it for $75,000, but Wolfe is looking for something cheaper. He offers $65,000, but the seller makes no progress on his price.

Wulf continues negotiations, but the seller refuses them. Finally, they agree to a deal. Wolfe will pay $75,000 for the car, provided the seller can transport it to Tennessee. Everyone is happy in the end… except maybe Wolfe’s purse.


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