The employee gives his 2 weeks notice, the boss walks out saying he can’t quit on such short notice

A standard rule of thumb for most jobs is that when it’s time to move on to something else, it’s polite to give your employer two weeks’ notice before you leave. This 14-day timeline is not written in stone, and in some cases, employees may provide more notice to support their team or less notice to avoid a particularly hostile workplace. But two weeks is usually the magic number.

An employee, however, recently Reached out to the Antiwork subreddit With fears of his boss rejecting his request for two weeks’ notice. They’ve been told they should give 4-8 weeks notice instead, so they’ve taken to the internet to ask if this arbitrary timeline can really be enforced. Below, you can read the employee’s full explanation, as well as try some of the answers readers left to try to help, and then let us know how you feel about the situation in the comments.


Have you ever quit a job with less or more than two weeks’ notice? Feel free to share your personal experiences with fellow pandas in the comments, and then check out any others if you’re interested. The article highlights that giving your notice doesn’t always go as planned, you can find out. right here!

After his two weeks’ notice was rejected, the employee sought advice online about whether his boss could legally ask him to work more.

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Investing readers had a lot of questions, so the employee clarified more details in later answers.

The employee noted in his post that he lives in Canada, so we did a little research to find out what employee rights are in Canada. According to About staffingA staffing agency in Calgary, it actually is. no Even the requirement to provide two weeks notice. This is supposed to be a polite gesture, as it often takes at least a few weeks to hire a new employee and learn how to adjust to having one less worker, but no, this employer gives their staff Can’t force him to come after weeks of notifying management.

what Is Common law in Canada requires an employer to give “reasonable notice”. “Two weeks’ notice is the norm, but under common law, it’s not clearly the required amount of time,” explains Staffing on its site. “Your version of reasonable time can be less or more than two weeks’ notice. The purpose of this is to give your employer enough time to find a replacement to fill your role. It is important that you , whether or not there is a contract of employment”.

A boss is also not allowed to stop an employee from quitting if that’s what they want. “Although they may try to persuade you or intimidate you into staying, they cannot legally prevent you from leaving the position,” the staffing notes. “However, if you’ve signed a contract, you’ll want to take a look at it and make sure you haven’t agreed to work through specific days or specific calendar dates.”

In the case of this employee at Reddit, as far as we know, they are legally allowed to leave after the two weeks’ notice they submitted. It is likely that their employer began to panic about being short-staffed during the holidays and decided to use the fear as a desperate attempt to retain the employee. According to Robert Half Talent Solutionsit is common for a manager to request that their employee spend more than two weeks after deciding to quit, but it is a Application not demand.

“While employees are legally free to walk out within two weeks of giving notice, [employers] It takes time to delegate duties and recruit suitable replacements,” explains Robert Hoff. “In that case, you may want to negotiate with your organization to extend the employee’s tenure. Obviously, you’ll want to do this as soon as possible. Also, remember that they can’t deny your request.” are free.”

We’ve reached out to the employee on Reddit, so hopefully we’ll get an update on the situation soon, but for now, I’m just hoping that he can’t stay on the job any longer. They will not feel the violence they hate. . There are a lot of toxic employers out there, and they will never learn their lesson if they keep steamrolling workers to do whatever they want all the time. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this situation in the comments, pandas, and if you’ve ever been pressured to stay after two weeks’ notice, feel free to share how you dealt with the conflict. Then if you’re interested in reading another Board Panda article featuring employers who didn’t take a worker’s resignation well, you can find it here. right here!

But one thing everyone agreed on is that an employee cannot be forced to stay during their two weeks

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