The dude is driving his drunk fiance home instead of disrespecting the guy to Uber

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to help but you made it worse? You wanted to help your mom with something but she wanted to complete the task herself or you wanted to do a good deed without the person knowing and they didn’t appreciate it at all and were actually mad?

If you’ve never experienced it, you’ll get a chance to know what it feels like when a man on Reddit wanted to help his friend and get his blackout drunk fiancee home. was But when his friend found out about it, he was furious and suspected that the man had other intentions.


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A man wanted to be a good friend and took his friend’s drunken fiance home, but all he got in return was hatred.

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The original poster (OP), her friend and the friend’s fiancee are all in their early 20s. Since they are relatively young, it is no surprise that they accidentally meet at a bar in the middle of the night.


The OP was there because he had a night job and the only bars open at night where he could go out. He wasn’t drinking, just socializing, because his job starts at 3:30 a.m., and he saw a fight between his friend and his fiancee.

It seems the fight was about another girl, but it was hard to follow the conversation because the man was really angry and his fiancée was already drunk. The argument ended when the man left and told the woman to get her ride.


Fiancee wasn’t leaving yet and went back to the bar because she was there with friends. She stayed there until almost everyone left, so the OP thought it would be nice to offer her a ride home since she was too drunk to form a sentence. This meant she couldn’t answer him, so the man took it upon himself to look after his friend’s fiancee.

The man accidentally bumped into his friend and her fiancé at a bar and saw that they had a fight.

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Fortunately, he knew where she lived and the woman’s sister was at home, so he took care of her. Everything seemed to go well and no one was hurt, but the next day, the OP started getting angry messages from her friend who was upset that her friend was her fiance. Will give a ride.

He was horrified to think that his fiancee was in a car alone with a man and he believed that she had ulterior motives because he could have easily called her an Uber. Not only would the OP not do that because she was his friend’s fiancee, but she was also in a vulnerable position that he wouldn’t take advantage of.


The friend preferred that his girlfriend return home with a complete stranger when she was so drunk that he was unable to tell her his address to a friend who knew the woman was his fiance.

This completely ignored the fact that even the Redditor knew that Uber riders weren’t the safest option for drunk women alone late at night. That’s what everyone was pointing out in the comments.

They actually praised the OP for being a good friend, thinking through the possible consequences and making sure his friend’s fiancee got home safely.

He noticed his friend had left and the fiance went back to the bar to continue drinking with friends.

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The speculation the reader was making was that maybe because the fiance was accusing the OP’s friend of cheating on him with another woman, he thought she would do the same to him and OP. will choose

They were also disgusted that the man would leave his fiancée at the bar to find her own way back home when he saw that she was already completely drunk and was going back for more drinks.

The narrator of the story and the friend’s fiancee were among the last people there and the man thought to offer a ride because the woman was very drunk.

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People’s concerns in the comments about how unsafe Uber can be for women at night when they’re drunk don’t come out of thin air. This year Uber released its second. Safety report Who saw the year 2019 and 2020.

The report revealed that during that period, the company received 3,824 reports of the five most serious categories of s*xual assault, which were “non-consensual kissing of a non-s*xual body part,” “non-consensual s*xual penetration.” Attempt,” -consensual touching of a s*xual body part, “non-consensual kissing of a s*xual body part,” and “non-consensual s*xual penetration.” More than 90 percent of rape victims were riders and more than 80 percent of the victims were women.

But the man’s friend didn’t appreciate the gesture and would have liked if he had called an Uber

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Another ride-sharing company, Lyft, also published one. Safety report And the same 5 categories are included. They review the period 2017-2019 and during those years, Lieft received 4,158 reports of s*xual assault.

What they also noted was that “s*xual assault is chronically underreported, and it can sometimes be months or years before a survivor comes forward to report it. Be ready for what happened.” Women can choose to remain silent forever, so we have to keep in mind that the actual number is probably higher.

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flip side, National S*xual Violence Resource Center reports that “in eight out of 10 rape cases, the victim knew the person who s*xually assaulted them” and that the majority (91 percent) of victims were women.

Because the OP took to the internet to ask if he was wrong to take his friend’s fiance home by himself because the friend is now mad at him, we can assume he’s probably innocent. But do you think he should have called Uber instead? Do you think his friend’s anger is irrational? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

In the comments, people believed that a friend driving a woman home was much better than handing her over to a stranger.

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