The dark reason why Shirley MacLaine is ready to reveal the secrets of the apartment

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For decades, Shirley MacLaine has never slowed down her career, which began when she landed starring roles in films such as Around the World in 80 Days, Some Came Running and Ask Any Girl. Also early in her career, she landed the lead role of Fran Kubelik in the critically acclaimed film The Apartment.


The Apartment is a romantic comedy starring McLain with Jack Lemmon. bright times indicates that there was some controversy surrounding the film when it was released due to its subject matter. Pushing the boundaries of 1960s standards, The Apartment is about sex being used as a tool to advance one’s career. Without a doubt, this is one of the main reasons why MacLaine is still asked about the film. She recently gave a rather grim reason why she can now reveal more details.

In an interview with City and country, McLain reveals that the cast and crew weren’t ready to shoot at the beginning of The Apartment, but that didn’t stop the movie from being interesting. “It’s very good, very good. We only had 30 pages of script, maybe less when we started. We improvised something.” McLain went on to explain why this piece of information was left unmentioned by her for so long: there are still a few toes left to step on! “Now everyone is dead, so I can tell the truth about the movie.” However, this time McLane did not go further. “No, this is a different interview.”

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