The connection between Black Adam and Shazam explained

While they may seem very different, Shazam and Black Adam may allude to the same source of their abilities. It all starts with the story of Black Adam; The ancient Egyptian saw unspeakable cruelty as a slave. Known at the time as Teth-Adam, he went in search of the Rock of Eternity along with his nephew Aman. The wizard granted Aman the title of champion and its accompanying special abilities.


Aman’s ideals made him the perfect choice for the Wizard, also known as Shazam, but Teth-Adam wanted revenge. What unfolded was the murder of Haman at the hands of his uncle and Adam taking over all power; Adam’s fierce search eventually led to the Council of Eternity. A battle ensued in which only the Wizard survived, his next act was to banish the man, now called Black Adam, from creating chaos (via COLUMBIA REGION).

Thousands of years later, the Wizard will find another hero in the most unexpected places. Billy Batson’s childhood in a foster family was fraught with problems. In the modern era, Batson’s life has been directly affected by Adam’s bloody ways. All of this led to the Wizard imbuing him with his powers again in hopes of creating a true champion. The event will also see the return of Black Adam and a growing search for Batson to find his missing sister. Keep in mind that this is only in modern comics canon, the movies and subsequent comics change events for storytelling purposes (via COLUMBIA REGION).


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