The Bridge Strikes First-Look Deal With Web3 Streaming Platform Myco –

special: UK-Asian co-production funding specialist The Bridge has entered into an innovative first-look deal with Web3 video streaming platform Myco.

The deal will see The Bridge sourcing distribution and sales deals and co-production and funding partners in the Southeast Asia region for Mico’s original shows. In return Miko will get ‘first look’ at commissioning, acquiring, funding or co-creating content for The Bridge sources from the same region.


Additionally, Myco and The Bridge will jointly develop a slate of projects sourced from talent and companies in Southeast Asia. Myco, in editorial partnership with The Bridge, will paint and allocate $100,000 in IP development funding and projects signed to the slate. The goal is to deliver 3-5 original productions per year.

Myco bills itself as a Web3 video streaming, funding, production and distribution platform, while The Bridge has built a reputation for creating co-productions between Western and Asian TV and film companies. Phil McKenzie, Chief Content Officer of Mico, and Amanda Groom, CEO of The Bridge, brokered the deal.

The bridge deal is a key move for Myco as it begins to make inroads into the Asian market, which it sees as a key entertainment hub going forward, particularly with ‘watch2earn’ viewership, new tech and early adoption of crypto. Due to. Widely seen in ‘play2earn’ games in the region.


The Bridge’s Groom said, “Myco’s significant investment in Asian content development is a testament to the company’s role in developing content across Asia and stimulating the two-way flow of content to and from Asia in the international market. It shows commitment.” . “This investment, combined with Bridge’s commitment, will make a real impact on the program’s sales figures and further promote creativity across the Asian region.”


McKenzie said that working with Groom “will help us navigate a key area for Micco from both a content and audience perspective,” adding: “Through our web3 content ecosystem we SE is looking forward to uncovering and empowering Asian stories and creators and distributing the finished productions on our innovative Ghari Twin platform.


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