The Boys Spinoff Gen V brings blood in first trailer

Prime Video decided to surprise fans at Brazil’s CCXP on Saturday with a first look at Gen V, the long-awaited The Boys spin-off. A trailer for Royal Deluxe’s ​​superb performance of “I’m Gonna Do My Thing” later surfaced online. The first look at The Boys spin-off begins as Sinclair Jazz lead star Marie Moreau arrives at Godolkin University. a high school created by Vought International to educate the most promising young people with superpowers. Of course, this is a Vought organization, which means there are no pep rallies and no economics classes. Instead, those with the ability will compete against each other to get a passing score.


The trailer continues with footage of the destroyed university, armed guards on standby, and bloodied students in the dorms toilets. As the Generation V trailer ramps up, fans are getting brief but welcome glimpses of some of The Boys’ most memorable characters. Dawn of Seven universe director Adam Burke (PJ Brian) throws a chef kiss, while everyone’s favorite PR man Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifee) expresses shock and disgust. Later, a Seven member and former Godolkin A-Train alum (Jessie T. Asher) is seen at a press event, likely working in conjunction with the university.

In typical The Boys fashion, the rest of the trailer focuses on chaos, guts and blood, juxtaposing footage of students partying with images of the characters killing armed guards and other students. While the trailer isn’t full of details, it does a great job of introducing the expanded world of The Boys.

Generation V will begin streaming on Prime Video in 2023.


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