The boss refuses to raise the top employee’s salary, so he submits a letter of resignation and immediately receives a double salary offer.

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recently, The Sales Worker’s Story Got everyone’s attention on the anti-work community. In a post that has been upvoted 34.6k times since it was posted two days ago, author ApprehensiveDoggo described how he was an all-rounder with an “amazing customer base” and not “a single complaint.” .

However, the writer’s employer was not eager to reward him for the great work. ApprehensiveDoggo wrote, “I was told I didn’t qualify for a raise and that he would ‘put in a good word for me for a review.’


The tables turned when he received a better job offer from a competitor and was given a resignation notice. As you might suspect, the greedy company was disappointed… so read below to find out how the story ended.

A hard-working sales employee was denied a raise by his boss, so he handed in his resignation and was immediately offered double pay.

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The author has also clarified a couple of details about this whole situation.


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The story resonated with many people as they took to the comments to share what they thought about it.

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