The boss demands that all employees turn off email access over the weekend so he doesn’t have to pay them for overtime, the employee maliciously complies.

recently, A 30-year-old woman presented with maladaptive compliance. community on Reddit to share an incident he encountered during his job in IT service at a bank.

“Even when I’m not the head of my IT department, I’m basically the head of all their responsibilities, but unfortunately my pay grade doesn’t reflect that,” explained Redditor Lucyiha.


In addition to her 40-hour week, Luciaha also has to work overtime on weekends to monitor servers and issues that may occur 24/7. But that was far from the only problem he faced at work.

So one day, the head of the company called the writer with an unusual request. Apparently, he wants her to cut off all access to emails and servers for everyone in the office, “no exceptions.” Thinking of all the nasty consequences that could come from this move, Luciaha decides to go ahead with the application, which is going to backfire for quite some time.

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The author then shared more background information in response to these comments as many people expressed their support for him.

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