The Blacklist’s Harry Lennix never wants the show to end

During an interview in January 2021 Collider connected, Harry Lennix expressed his joy at working on The Blacklist and expressed his hope that the show would continue for as long as possible. “I am grateful for this work. And I like this job, in addition to being grateful,” he said. Adding that while Cooper currently doesn’t have the opportunity to host much of the show’s storyline, he does enjoy acting on the program, especially when compared to his other appearances. “There were shows where I couldn’t wait to get them done. But not this. I hope it continues for another 12 seasons.” He added that if the show had ended after the third season, it might have felt different, but he does feel that the show has improved as it has aged.


Lennix then compared the show’s possible length to that of Powder Smoke, one of the longest-running TV shows of all time. Lennix believes that the concept of the show is so open that it could well match the 20-season series Gunsmoke. “You know the criminals won’t stop coming, right? These guys are endlessly inventive, you know, with the weirdos they create for The Blacklist.”

Will Lennix get his wish? If the show manages to maintain its fanbase after being rescheduled to Sunday in 2023, anything is possible.


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