The Biggest Unanswered Questions From The Sixth Sense

In the opening scene of The Sixth Sense, Malcolm is celebrating an award apparently given to him by the mayor of Philadelphia for excellence in child psychology. Although therapy is a noble pursuit and, as we have learned, Malcolm is a caring and considerate psychologist, it is not clear what his outstanding achievement really is. is. What did he do besides being okay with his job? Was he in on a high-profile case, perhaps involving the mayor’s child or some other teenager in his orbit? Did he publish any key research that revolutionized the field? Did he give the name of a long misunderstood disease? What did Malcom actually do?


This may sound a bit nitpicky, but it’s strange to realize that in the reality of The Sixth Sense, the mayor of the sixth largest city in the US is handing a special plaque to a child psychologist for a reason we’ll never know. . The plaque and associated awards ceremony are presented to us as a testament to Crowe’s success as soon as we get to know them. This makes the reward quite an important plot element. In a film that requires viewers to accept that ghosts are real, the incredible details tend to come to the fore.

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