The Biggest Unanswered Movie Questions About the Equalizer

The first film, The Equalizer, is clearly based on the relationship between Robert McCall and teenage s*x worker Terry, better known by her real name Alina (Chloë Grace Moretz). From the first moment the two appear on screen together, they have an unmistakable bond. Alina is always interested in any story that Robert is currently reading, and he, in turn, seems to be forever hoping that she will get out of the calling in which she is now. They care deeply about each other and that’s a big part of why the movie works so well.


However, unfortunately, we will never know how the two actually met. Of course, Robert risks his life, job and status to get revenge on those who almost killed Alina, and yes, he gives her – in a roundabout way – an obscene amount of money to help her start a “new life”. towards the end of the movie. But despite all this, we still don’t know much about how they met each other. Did Robert initiate the conversation by taking pity on the girl? Or did Alina, hoping to make a real friend, reach out first? We remained unanswered.

In fact, while the first The Equalizer movie ends with the promise that Alina will “see Robert”, by the time the second movie comes out, she is nowhere to be found. This can be partly explained by the fact that Robert moved to another part of the city, but, nevertheless, we still do not know how this unlikely couple became such close-knit friends in the first place.


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