The biggest differences between the peripheral series and the book

Since Aelita is much more involved in the Amazon Peripheral plot than in William Gibson’s novel, it makes sense that she also has a secret master plan. Throughout the first season, the characters struggle to understand why Aelita stole from the RI, where she placed the data as soon as she had it, and where she went after escaping the RI security forces.


The last episodes of the season found the answers to these questions. Ash discovers that the stolen information was encoded in the bacteria in Flynn’s brain and she later finds out for herself. Wilf, with Flynn’s help, manages to find Aelita hiding in what was once a refugee camp where they met as children. Once they are reunited, Aelita tells Wilf that she has discovered that the RI is using its technology to suppress people’s memories and change their behavior. She wants to use the stolen data to start a revolution against the RI and the klepts, and is aided by the Neoprims, people who shun 2099 society and technology.

It is obvious that Aelita herself will not live to see the end of William Gibson’s Peripheral novel, but what is more shocking is that her plan also does not appear in the novel. From the very beginning, Aelita’s role in the series seems to be a fantasy of its writers, meaning that how her plan will ultimately work remains a complete mystery.


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