The Best Lululemon Dupes You Can Find On Amazon


Lululemon clothing activewear is known as the most breathable, stylish and magical yoga clothing on the planet. Their clothes don’t show huge sweat stains, and they sculpt you in all the right places – they just get it.

I remember when I got my first pair of Lululemon yoga pants. I practically beat them to d*ath! But when I went to buy another pair, they were so popular that I couldn’t justify the astronomical price. So I went on the hunt for inspiring Lululemon dupes that fit like Lululemon clothing activewear but at a fraction of the price. Amazon did not disappoint.


I reviewed everything from sports bras to chemises—and compiled the best pieces on offer! I know you’re excited to see what I found, and I’m excited to share, so let’s dig in.

Yoga shorts They are smooth as butter.

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Ladies ladies I already know what you’re thinking, “Oh, I’ve tried yoga shorts… and they just keep going!” Believe me, I have tried my share too, but Leonto’s Yoga shorts You will not have this problem. They are made with a flat waistband and flatlock seams that prevent them from tripping up.

Oh Sports bra You can breathe!

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If you’re looking for a sports bra that won’t constrict or squeeze your breath, Jim People’s Long line sports bra is an excellent option. This bra doubles as a cropped tank top and provides great lift in a variety of colors.

I look hot while being cold. Light jacket

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Keep cool this fall while amping up your athletic gear in this nylon stretch jacket from Koenig. This Slim fit jacket Highlights all your best assets while giving you an hourglass silhouette. And unlike many jackets out there – it has pockets to carry your personal items.


Ditch your tights for them. Leggings!

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Admittedly, wearing athletic gear outside of the gym isn’t really my thing – but this High-waisted yoga pants changed me. They have a belly band to keep everything smooth and they didn’t fall down when I was walking — so that’s a plus! The fabric is breathable and moisture wicking so no sweat stains!

Now, this is one Sports bra!

FullCoverageSportsBra10 copy.jpg.optimal
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Lo lo who? This Sports bra Designed with a double-sided back strap for added support, and available in superior color combos. It’s designed with breathable mesh panels to wick away heat and keep you dry. And with molded cups, there’s no chance of spillage or the dreaded unibob.

Finally, one The hoodie You can wear it in every season.

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Don’t we all just want one? comfortable and relaxing To rotate in? If you’re in the market for one, try this Lululemon clothing activewear dupe. It’s designed with a high neck and long cuffs to keep you nice and warm. Honestly, wearing this hoodie is like snuggling up while you run.

Who doesn’t love a good pair? High waisted shorts?

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Running in the heat is already brutal without the added discomfort of tights. On very hot days I prefer to wear shorts, but not just any shorts. They must have a moisture wicking material. This Lululemon Cheating is how I don’t walk around with sweat stains in embarrassing places!


Oh clothing It serves trust!

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If ever there was a tennis outfit I’d wear on and off the green – this is it. This mini dress There is a built-in bra and shorts with cute criss-cross back straps. Perhaps the best thing about this Lululemon clothing activewear dupe is its price!

Speaking of a good one Sports bra

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Let me introduce you to this beauty from YoonRunner. This strappy bra Perfect for yoga or any sport that involves a lot of upper body movement. I always had trouble finding a sports bra that was both stylish and comfortable, but this one marries the two perfectly!

They seem Sweatpants But feel like leggings.

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Let’s see… what it doesn’t do Sweat pants Is? Money in the pockets! I’ll tell you what they have — a high waistband, visible and hidden pockets, and an elasticated closure. Some say you’ll never buy another brand after wearing them – and I’m inclined to agree.

Stretch chem Meets the sports bra.

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Finding the perfect sports bra to wear with a racer back tank is no easy task. Great thing about it Tank top This is so you can wear it without a bra! It comes with built-in padding that you can remove if you’re feeling restricted.

Finally, one Long sleeve shirt With a nice hemline!

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When I saw this Long sleeve shirtI knew the gods of yoga were happy with me! Finding a yoga shirt with a decent hemline is like looking for a needle in a haystack—but fear not—your search is over! Not only is the hemline great, but the cuffs are a perfect length.


This Joggers An amazing Lululemon is dope.

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Ajisai knows how to do it right! After reading the reviews, I have to agree – these pants are very comfortable. If you’re looking for quality Lululemon clothing without the hefty price tag, this is it Jogger Leave nothing to be desired! They are beautiful, spacious and durable. What more could you ask for?

Are you sure it’s not Lululemon? Sports bra?

PaddedSportsBra7 1.jpg.optimal
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Yes, I’m sure — but — this bra is one of the closest pieces of activewear to a Lululemon dress I’ve ever seen! It not only looks like Lululemon, but it feels like it too! This Padded sports bra Provides great support while remaining comfortable and loose, and the straps are adjustable and firm.

Make your look Lululemon-ish in these The tights

HighWaistedLeggings10 1
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Everything is visible in them. Full length legs! They’re designed to smooth and sculpt, and boy, do they! If you want to turn heads at the gym, you need a pair of these. Oh, and a little secret, they’ll never know you got them from Amazon.

This Track jacket There is a winner.

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Track jackets are a hit or miss. Either you get one that looks great but doesn’t keep you warm enough, or you get one that fits horribly and looks great. This Lululemon clothing activewear dupe is light enough to keep you comfortable, and the nylon/spandex combo keeps your body cool.

A fall workout Classic tee With a nice hemline!

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For those of you who like a little more coverage in the back – I’ve got the top for you! This Long sleeve shirt Designed with a loose fit and high-low hem to cover your derriere. Pima cotton makes it soft against your skin while providing enough breathability to keep you cool!


You can never have enough pairs of them. Shorts

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“I started with a couple…!” I see why reviewers can’t stop at one. This Quick dry shorts Feature a spandex underwear liner to prevent them from riding up and add a breathable outer layer with plenty of room around the thighs. One of the best Lululemon dress activewear dupes in my opinion.

Compression Leggings With high waist tummy control

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My absolute favorite thing about these super cute Leggings There is the comfort factor. And let me tell you ladies, these leggings pass the comfort test. My other favorite part? Well, it’s a secret feature called belly control! Anyone who has ever felt bloated is going to love them.

This Escort Should be on every golfer’s list.

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Escorts are back! Yes! This City Young Golf Escort Practical enough to wear during a good round of golf and cute enough to wear while running errands. It features an internal drawstring cord and wide waistband for added support, and has a beautiful back plate.

Joggers So comfortable you’ll want to wear them every day!

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If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of joggers that you can wear from the gym to the store, This is the pair. They’re light enough to keep you cool during a workout and stylish enough to carry past the weight machine.

Amazon Essentials offers the Lululemon Dupe. Jackets? Yes!

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Time to dust off those old workout jackets, sis – this one Amazon Essentials Puffer Coat You have everything you need! It is waterproof, hooded, lightweight and has a tonal zipper. You can wear this coat to work, or when you run, it’s really up to you!

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