The best Disney+ original shows of 2022 so far

The MCU is now firmly established on Disney+, with “moon knightThis is the sixth show to appear on the streaming service, which is also part of the wider MCU. Based on the comic book character of the same name, it follows the origins of Mark Spector, a mercenary with dissociative identity disorder and several different personalities. He becomes the incarnation of Khonshu, the Egyptian god, and embarks on a bloody campaign to stop Arthur Harrow from resurrecting the Egyptian goddess known as Ammit.


Oscar Isaac plays the main character and the various identities he takes on, while Ethan Hawke portrays the main antagonist. May Kalamawi, F. Murray Abraham, and Khalid Abdallah played the lead roles, all of whom performed well. While the hero is less well-known than most of his MCU counterparts, Moon Knight proved to be a lot of fun and Isaac became famous for his eccentric portrayal. It often ends badly when non-British actors use an English accent, but critics across the Atlantic have been full of praise for Isaac’s performance. The actor “enjoyed the role immensely,” said The keeper.

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