The Best Black Friday Deals For The Person Who Has Everything

Who is the worst person you have to shop for this holiday season? For me, it’s my dad. A man has everything, wants for nothing and can afford to buy himself anything that strikes his fancy. Although that doesn’t absolve me of my daughter’s gift-giving duties. That means, even now, I’ve already spent weeks (months?) agonizing over what it’s going to be. And guess what? I don’t know yet

I doubt you have anything like my father on your list. (If you have a gift idea, I’m all ears!) The friend who’s on top of all the latest things, the significant other who “needs nothing,” the family member who’s always there for you. Best gift for your failed attempt. But, helplessness no more! This list is all about great Black Friday deals for the person who has everything. From cereal cookers to bee scarves (and everything in between), consider cracking your toughest nut.


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cut bullet

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Do you remember the saying, “For everything a place and everything in its place?” It’s not so much about being organized as it is about having “a place for everything.” gave Every Green Cooker The Nutribullet is designed to handle things like rice, oats, quinoa and other grains. It can also handle vegetables, fish and more with the built-in steam function. Reviewers love it, which seems to be the trend with Nutribullet products.

In one oven

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Not long after the pandemic started and I had time to think about my life choices, I decided to start cooking entirely with cast iron. I don’t use it every time but it’s pretty close. This Lodge Cast Iron Enameled Dutch Oven With cooking capabilities on both the stove and oven, cast iron is a great addition to your collection.


put it on me charge

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Phone chargers are a dime a dozen but few are as chic and attractive as this one. Belgium Linen Wireless Charging Pad. Minimalists, you’re going to love it because it only requires one cable for power and provides a stylish square of wireless “juice” once you place your phone on it. They come in both leather and linen, making an ideal gift for someone on your list (or for yourself).

answer me. call

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Isn’t it funny that we use our phones for everything but making calls and buying gadgets like this. Meta Portal To talk to your friends and family? This little guy does more than that, though. You can listen to music, watch news, get weather and more with this gadget which is more like a virtual assistant than just a video phone.

Swan The song

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I have seen these. Liquid weather station In many forms but none more so than this swan, which will look good anywhere from your desk at work to your kitchen sink at home. The storm mirror can change to multiple states, alerting you to weather changes such as snow, rain, storms, etc. It also comes in the shape of an apple (teacher gift, anyone?).

I wet mine Plants

61IzJoX5H2L. AC SL1080
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Do you see this cutie? A tropical palm tree Is it very alive? I promise you, it will die as soon as I add it to my cart because, while I have two thumbs, neither is green. This cold-hardy, tropical palm can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees and is (allegedly) easy to care for. (Obviously, I’ve never met this plant.)

hot sauce In your bag

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Beyonce has hot sauce in her bag (mourning) but I’m guessing she doesn’t make her own and keeps a bottle. This Hot Sauce Maker Kit With four types of peppers and enough ingredients to get creative, you have everything you need to create your own soul-searing recipes. Create what you like and customize your heat level from “so mild” to “the depths of the heads themselves”.

Mental health There is health.

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I won’t go all new age on you here but meditation tools can be really beneficial for things like stress and anxiety. This Basic Meditation Trainer Pair with a dedicated smartphone app to deliver gentle vibrations and lights that help guide your breathing. Do a better job focusing with this system that recommends sessions that match your interests. I feel calm just writing about it.

Let’s go on adventure

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If your motto lately has been “more adventure, less stuff.” Retro style travel scrapbook There is plenty of space to document your travels. The book begins with a three-dimensional cover, with 146 pages inside waiting for your photos and memories. It comes in a gift box with bookmark cards and stickers and is a perfect size to throw in a bag while traveling.


mixture Something above

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There are cold brew enthusiasts and cold brew enthusiasts and this Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Definitely for the latter. Get the classic look and feel of a sturdy dispensing system that fits perfectly in your refrigerator and also makes a beautiful addition to your coffee bar. For a sweet, cool foam taste, add a nitrous oxide cartridge to your system.

gave of the bee the knee

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I struggle with stocking stuffer ideas but this one The Essential Brit Biz Kit A talented addition. This set costs less than $20 and includes a cleansing cream, hand salve, body lotion, foot cream and lip balm. Nourish skin all winter long to keep you and your loved ones glowing inside and out. Burt’s Bees products are made with all natural ingredients so you can look good and feel good.

Cutting Get it out

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Please tell me you’re not putting the vegetables on the same cutting board you cut the raw chicken on. (If you are, stop now.) This Bamboo cutting board set There is a secret pocket for storing the six included color-coded mats, along with a sturdy wooden board (with juice drains!) for slicing meat. These mats are not at all fragile like similar products.

The desk Jockey

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Lap desk Pop-ups are perfect for projects like using your laptop on the sofa or having breakfast in bed. (You didn’t think I meant a real “project,” did you?) This bamboo version can support a laptop with an additional pocket that’s perfect as a phone holder, pen holder, or cup holder. Features a pop-up top and a cup holder.

Hot References

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I don’t care who you’re buying it for. Mug and hot seat Guaranteed to be a hit. Complete with a lid and warming coaster, it’s temperature adjustable and comes in that delicate robin’s egg blue. They will enjoy perfectly hot coffee, lattes or hot chocolate at their desk instead of drinking hot coffee that has cooled hours before.


I Mix

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The budding mixologist in your life will love this. 10-piece bartender kit which has everything they need to make their favorite cocktails. They’ll find a jigger, muddler, corkscrew, strainer and more, all housed in a stylish bamboo stand. Choose from gold, silver and copper finishes. “This is a must-have product to add to your bar or as a gift for others,” said one reviewer.

The blanket Statement

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Nothing says, “I didn’t know what to buy you,” like a blanket, but they won’t even be mad if you’re gifting it to them. Fluffy faux fur throw blanket. Plush and fluffy, this blanket comes in four colors and four sizes, including a version sized to fit your bed. On the opposite side, skin-friendly velvet fleece is perfect for layering down this winter.

dismissed Top

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This Portable campfire Giving off caveman vibes but its functionality is remarkable. Releasing flames and heat for up to five hours, this campfire is portable so you can take it on camping trips, picnics, etc. Featured on “Shark Tank,” this is a great gift idea for the adventurer or outdoor enthusiast in your life. Giving the gift of fire? so cool.

Grows. The tree

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In my opinion (not that you asked for it), this Bonsai tree kit One that lets you grow and harvest your bonsai trees is a great solution for relaxation and mindfulness. It comes with four seed varieties as well as everything you need to get started including pots, soil, plant markers and nutrition packs. A digital care guide will help them get started.

Sweater Weather

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Unless your gift recipient lives on the beach, you can never go wrong with a sweater (and even if they do live on the beach, it can be chilly for a day or two in those places). . This Half zip pullover Features soft organic cotton and a cozy mock neck that’ll be perfect when the temperature drops. Choose from seven color options and a striped version.

enough To talk

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Imagine how much money this will save someone on your list. Deluxe Cold Brew Maker They can use up to two quarts of liquid gold to create (and store). Slim enough to fit in a refrigerator door, it comes with an airtight lid and non-slip silicone handle. Cold brew coffee is less acidic than traditional coffee and honestly, I enjoy it a lot more than I probably should.

So fresh and so Clear

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Are you at a loss to buy your eco-friendly friends and family members? This Starter Bundle Kit Perfect for both the novice and expert “green” shopper, with items like wool dryer balls, compostable dishcloths, silicone food storage and cleaning supplies. A 12-piece set costs less than $20 so it’s an affordable (as well as eco-friendly) gift idea any time of year.

to give Bees one chance

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Bees are all the buzz, aren’t they? There are even TV shows dedicated to the tiny winged creatures. This Super soft reversible scarf Puts them on full display, making a whimsical addition to one’s wardrobe. These types of scarves are great because they are large enough to double as a wrap, shawl or blanket whether they are going to a sporting event or on a plane.

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