‘The Bad Batch’ season 2 trailer gets fans excited about Gungi

“Insanely happy to see Gungi again,” wrote @DylynW on Twitter. Meanwhile The Witcher Matt D’Ambrosio (@drmattdambrosio) just exclaimed “GUNGI”. The appearance of the character in the trailer is instantly triumphant and exhilarating, so much so that @Zett_Jukassa already worried that they are using his status among the fans against him. “It would be better if they didn’t kill Gungi,” they wrote. “[Not gonna lie] he is my reason for the season and I will be inconsolable if they point him out.” “Plot point” supposedly means killing off a character for the sake of quick and/or easy story character development.


Gungi was one of the many returning characters featured in the crowded trailer. Captain Rex appears via hologram, wanting to enlist the services of the Bad Party to carry out a mission, while Commander Cody (a former right-wing clone of Obi-Wan Kenobi) spreads threatening propaganda in favor of the Empire. Most fans celebrated their return at the same time as the return of the Wookiee Jedi.

@TheEmeraldDawn was surprised and elated, writing, “REALLY SHOUTING AT MY LUNCH BREAK! CODI! MORE REX! They continued in the same tweet, “Looking forward to the possible addition of Hondo. It has to happen.” In The Clone Wars, Gungi and Hondo, an intergalactic criminal, form a brief but unlikely friendship.

To see if this theory comes true, fans will have to wait until January 4th, when Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 begins streaming on Disney+.



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