The Bachelor season 27 teaser: Tazjuan returns instead of Zack

Tazjuan Hawkins and Zach Shellcross. Shutterstock; ABC

Plot twist! Fans who tuned in for the season 8 finale Bachelor in Paradise surprised at first glance Zach Shellcross‘Bachelor’s season – Tajuan Hawkins.

“Tahzjuang is here to steal my man,” says one of the participants in season 27 in a teaser that was released by ABC on Tuesday, November 22.


Victoria Fullerwho revealed during a reunion on Tuesday that she was dating Greg Grippo after her broken engagement with Johnny DeFillipoalso appears. “She’s really in love with him,” Victoria says of Tajuan.

“We don’t need another girl here!” says another woman.

Bachelor Nation met with Tahzjuan in season 23 of the series Bachelor. She was eliminated Colton Underwood during the first week. She subsequently returned for seasons 6 and 7 of the series. Bachelor in Paradise but left for the 2021 season. Fans can remember her frequent complaints about the heat in Mexico – and the storyline she got hooked on. Tre Cooperuncle before getting along with hen-party alum on the beach.

Her original ABC bio read, “Tahzjuang grew up in Houston but moved to Colorado with her mom, brother, and two dogs. She loves reading, outdoor concerts and shopping with her mom. Fun fact: She has a tattoo that says “I love bad ideas.”


Elsewhere in the trailer, the women warned that “the claws are about to come out” because they all “like Zach.”

“It’s so hard to watch other girls with him,” one participant cries, while another becomes emotional and confesses: “I’m afraid that he will forget, for example, him and me.”

Jesse Palmer previously teased Us weekly that Zach’s season would be less about drama and more about love affairs.

“It’s really all about the love story and romance, and a little less drama, I guess,” the host said. Us in Bachelor in Paradise Tastemaker event in Hollywood earlier this month. “Women really like Zach. Zach is so emotionally mature and he’s a guy who isn’t afraid to cover up his emotions. He is very, very deliberate. This is the most emotional show I’ve hosted in the franchise.”


As shown in the teaser, there will be a lot of tears in season 27.

“It’s going to be emotionally charged, but that’s because everyone really wants it,” Jesse added. “It [totally] different atmosphere than mine [ever] was the host of any of the other shows. I think he’s doing great and I can’t wait for people to see his journey.”

Bachelor returns to ABC on Monday, January 23 at 8:00 pm ET.

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