The 6 Best and 6 Worst Things in the Weird World

It may seem like an odd quibble, but the decision to give Splat a bunch of squeaky noises is an odd choice that undermines his ability to act as a silent comedic assistant. Disney isn’t new to such creations, thanks to Aladdin’s flying carpet in Aladdin, so there’s precedent for a character designed to elicit laughter rather than chatter all the time.


Although Splat does not speak English like the main characters in Weird World, he can speak just as well, as he communicates in a series of unintelligible squeaks that approach English. At the very least, when other silent animated characters like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon make sounds, they mimic grunts, whispers, and other sounds you hear from any animal. Splat, on the other hand, always makes high-pitched sounds to communicate important points to characters like Ethan, a form of communication that turns out to be more annoying than cute. Also, going down this path is against the concept of creating a character who doesn’t speak in traditional dialogue. The animators got some good visual jokes from Splat, but the character’s speech style needed to be adjusted or eliminated entirely.

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