‘That’s It, I’m Inkshimming’: 131 Times People Got Hilariously Bad Tattoos And Didn’t Realize (New Pics)

“Ultimately, our group is about having fun in a safe, like-minded community,” organizers and moderators told BoardPanda. “We encourage participation in the group and have special participation days that do not follow the normal submission rules (except for hate speech and prohibited articles).”

“We’ve already mentioned Self-Shame Sunday. It’s a fun thing, where members get their terrible tattoos for a laugh at their own expense,” he shared. “There’s also Humble Hump Day, where members can show off their personal tattoos for praise or shame, brag or bum, where tattoo artists can post their work, and OP vs Modman, where members can post any tattoo. are, be that as it may.To get the reaction of the group, the modman team had previously rejected.


“We also have a dedicated message box, where members are always welcome to ask questions, make suggestions, or raise concerns. The door is always open. We want to hear what we’re doing, and What can we do better,” shared the Modman team. If you want to join the group and join in on the fun, you can find That’s It, I’m Anxhaming (actually Bad Tattoo) on Facebook. right here!

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