Teresa Giudice called ‘the rudest person in the world’ after radio interview

Boston radio personality Billy Costa has slammed American reality TV star Teresa Giudice, calling her an “idiot” and a “monster” after she allegedly “assaulted” him on live television this week.

“She was, without a doubt, the rudest person I have ever interviewed,” the 69-year-old radio host. said on his Billy and Lisa in the morning show after the end of the interview.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey The 50-year-old star Giudice appeared on the program to promote an event she co-hosts. Page six reports.

However, the interview changed when Costa asked Giudice about writing her book. flipping tables after her 11 month stay in prison in 2015 for fraud.

“Teresa, we know that you spent some time in prison, but you came out of prison and wrote a book – a bestseller – about your time in prison, and how much did it focus on food in prison?” Costa asked her.


Giudice then told the radio host that she really “didn’t want to talk about it”.


“I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a quadruple The newspaper “New York Times best-selling author,” snapped the reality TV star before Costa assured her he knew it.

Giudice has co-authored three cookbooks and has written two memoirs, including flipping tables.


Costa then tried to walk away from the confrontation and asked about the event she was promoting, but Giudice wasn’t ready to let it go.

“[We’re going to] have a good time and it’s all about being positive, right? And not negative? You should learn something,” the reality TV star bluntly told the radio host, to which Costa replied that he would “work on it.”

One of the show’s other hosts, Justine Aguirre, then chimed in, saying they weren’t “negative” as her book is “part of [her] bio” that he gave them RONJ star publicist.

“I have a podcast called Namaste Suki – you have to listen to him and learn to be a little more namaste,” Giudice then said, before her rep interrupted and called on the hosts to come to her client’s event.


After Giudice hung up after a short phone interview, the hosts wasted no time in sharing their thoughts.

“I also did time in jail and you said, ‘Yes, you did time in jail, but you got out, you wrote a successful book,’ which it was — it was a huge book,” objected Aguirre, while the other co-hosts agreed that it was supposed to be a positive outlook.


Aguirre also claimed they “stayed clear” of all topics they were told not to ask about, including Judice’s strained relationship with brother Joe Gorga and the hate she received on social media for wearing Balenciaga amid recent luxury brand scandal.

“I don’t even want to have coffee with Teresa Giudice,” Costa said when asked if he plans to go to her event again.

Giudice has not yet directly commented on the statements of the presenters addressed to her.

However, her publicist and attorney, James J. Leonard Jr., exclusively told Page six“I think Mr. Costa needs to work on being a little more namaste like Teresa – he seemed to be looking for a confrontation or having his moment.

“I would recommend that he listen to Teresa’s podcast, namaste bitchesso that he can work on himself and learn how to properly treat guests on his show.

Andy Cohen, for his part, addressed this controversy twice on his SiriusXM show. Andy Cohen liveearlier this week after two viewers called to talk about it.

real housewives The 54-year-old executive producer asked the first caller what the radio hosts were asking her about, as “they needed to say something to make her act rude.”

The caller doubled down on his stance, stating that Giudice was “rude from the start” and Cohen seemed shocked, replying, “Here’s what’s going on this morning in Boston, I love it.”

Cohen asked the second caller for details, and as soon as she mentioned that the hosts were asking about prison, he clicked.

“Okay, that’s it,” said the head of Bravo. “I knew that, which is why he started in jail.”

This story originally appeared on Page six and published here with permission

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