Teen ruins aunt’s $20K coat as a ‘prank’, aunt decides to take legal action

It may not be April 1st soon, but pranks can be pulled all year long! Hide some toothpaste between some Oreos and kindly serve them to your friends on a plate, open your roommate’s fridge and get googly eyed at all their products, before driving your co-worker to work. Fill with balloons, or cover. Your bathroom mirror with your roommate’s candid selfies. As long as no one gets hurt and no property is damaged, feel free to have a little fun!

It’s easy to get carried away with the joke though. One minute you and your friends are laughing, then before you know it, someone is being taken to the hospital or the fire department is being called… It’s important to never joke. do But unfortunately for one woman, a “prank” pulled by her niece recently didn’t go over well and she may be reaching out to hire lawyers.


Below, you can find the full story that this distraught aunt recently told Am I shared on. [Jerk]? subreddit Wondering if suing his sister and niece for thousands of dollars in damages would be an overreaction. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the situation below, pandas, and then if you’re interested in checking out any others. A joke article gone wrong, you can find it. right here!

This woman wonders if it would be wrong to sue her niece for intentionally ruining an expensive coat.

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He later responded to several readers and provided additional details about the situation.

Personally, I’m far from a joke myself, Panda. Maybe I’ll do something small like hide a silly picture in my partner’s drawers, so he’s greeted with a smiling Shrek when he goes to get his clothes for the day. But planning pranks to pull on family members and recording them to post on Instagram is out of my wheelhouse. Teenagers are naturals at pulling pranks though. And I would never want to stand in the way of a kid when they’re just trying to have a little fun. But this girl is 16 years old. He should understand that this “joke” was harmless.

Not all 16 year olds have a good sense of money, but one would think that a teenager would consider $20k equal. More In comparison, this girl likely has a lot less money in her bank account, so destroying that coat and throwing it down the drain is shocking. When it comes to how the aunt decided to react to the coat incident, legal action seems appropriate. However, getting involved in a legal battle is expensive and complicated, especially when trying to sue a family member. Technically, one can sue a minor, but they usually don’t have much money, and their parents can’t be held responsible for their actions.

According to, minors can be sued for defamation, causing personal injury, assault or battery, copyright infringement, property damage, trespass, breach of contract, or emotional distress. In this situation, it seems that property damage may be the way to go. However, with the niece being a minor, suing a family member also seems a bit extreme. Will the relationship be permanently damaged? Will this cause more family rifts? Well, apparently, About a third If an injury or loss is severe enough, people will consider suing a family member or friend. This is not an easy course of action, but it is sometimes warranted.

This situation is sad all around. The woman loses her beautiful coat that was a gift from her mother-in-law, and her relationship with her sister and aunt may be permanently tainted, whether they go to court or not. Many readers agreed that if this woman decides to take legal action, she is justified. Of course, no one needs a $20k coat in the first place, and she’s well aware that it’s luxurious, as she points out in the post. But $20k worth of damage to someone’s home or car will be covered without question, so this shouldn’t be any different. Let us know in the comments what you think about this situation, pandas, and if you’ve ever found yourself in a legal dispute with a family member, feel free to share your personal stories as well. Then if you want to read another Board Panda article about pranks gone wrong, look no further. right here.

Many sympathized with the woman and agreed that she would be justified in pursuing legal action.

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