Teen mom Chelsea Hauska accused of ‘blackfishing’ in new photo with her three daughters

FANS is accusing former Teen Mom star Chelsea Hoska of ‘blackfishing’ after she snapped a photo of herself with daughters Aubry, Layne and Walker that showed their skin looking significantly more tan than the girls’.

Photo that sounds like From a family photoshoot 30-year-old Chelsea, husband Cole DeBoer and their four children did earlier last month.

Chelsea Hauska is being accused of 'blackfishing'


Chelsea Hauska is being accused of ‘blackfishing’credits: mtv
A photo of the former MTV star and his daughters sparks controversy online


A photo of the former MTV star and his daughters sparks controversy online

It made its way to Reddit, where fans questioned the former MTV star’s tan.

The original poster read: “Chelsea girls rocking their natural (albeit Insta filtered) complexion. Meanwhile her mam’s is in 1,000 shades of mahogany.”

Fans accused him of “blackfishing” or trying to get into another race, writing: “If I didn’t know any better I’d think he’d adopted those kids. I don’t know if he Why do you want to be seen completely. Different caste!”

Another Reddit user wrote: “It’s weird how people are coming to her defense about her dark makeup color/skin color. I guess it gets me wrong when white girls try so hard to look gray does.”


A third user suggested: “Maybe he’s Spanish,” although he’s not.

Many fans came to Chelsea’s defense, with one writing: “I bet she’s an amazing mom, she just has a ridiculous fake tan.”

Another Chelsea supporter wrote: “Who cares. It’s a beautiful picture and I’m sure those kids are happy.”

A third fan wrote: “It’s not my taste but what’s the harm if it makes her feel confident and beautiful?”


Many fans praised the children, calling them “cute” and “beautiful”. Another wrote, “Lane makes my ovaries tingle. When I see her smile immediately the baby has a fever.”

Chelsea faced reaction to his presence in the past — more specifically the things he’s done, or the things fans think he’s done, to change it.

pump the brakes

Chelsea recently shared a photo on her Instagram story promoting her fashion line.

However, fans were distracted by her appearance to pay attention to the sweater she was trying to sell.

picture was posted reddit, where the person who posted this asked: “When did Chelsea turn 15 overnight?”


Others commented: “Yeah, she’s starting to veer into the filler area migrating to the melting face.”

A third user wrote: “She should take it slow on lip fillers and botox,” while another wrote, “She looks older than me in these pics. I’m older than her.”

As always, many fans came to her defense, slamming the haters for being “aging obsessive”.

One wrote: “Yeah, that’s not unusual. I think they both look their age. People are obsessed with not aging.”

Another commented: “She looks good to me. Losing weight can make people look bigger, especially on their faces.”


Someone else said: “Everyone is so mean. She has 4 kids, 3 little ones. I have 0 and she looks better than me on an average day.”

Months ago, Chelsea were accused of getting “too much botox” and fans suggested her ditch her heavy fake eyelashes too,

“God! His eyelids are the wrong size for his eyes! It drives me crazy every time I look at it,” one Reddit user wrote,

Another shouted: “Okay! Why are her eyes puffy? And why are there wrinkles on her nose? She’s not even 30.”

“Please leave with the girl in your face. You’re going to ruin yourself,” wrote a third commenter.

For the most part, Chelsea has remained silent about the backlash.

Her appearance has changed significantly over the years


Her appearance has changed significantly over the yearscredits: mtv
He has faced backlash in the past for 'Too Much Botox'


He has faced backlash in the past for ‘Too Much Botox’credit: Instagram
She has calmed down amidst the comments


She has calmed down amidst the commentscredit: social media – view source
Teen mom Chelsea Hauska’s husband Cole DeBoer shares video of family’s new calf after adopting baby farm animal

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