Taylor Swift Fans Sue Ticketmaster Over Tour Tickets Debacle

The Swifties are at it again, with fans calling out Ticketmaster for major issues with Era Tour tickets.

Swift broke records when tickets for The Eras tour went on sale last month.

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But the dramatic pre-sales left thousands of fans empty-handed.


Fans have since sued the ticket platform.

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It comes amid the US Department of Justice launching investigations into Ticketmaster and Live Nation over failed sales.

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Now, the country singer is a beloved figure in the music world.

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Swift released her debut album in 2006 and received an array of positive reviews from music critics, including The New York Times.


He described it as “a little masterpiece of pop-minded country, with the wide-eyed and cynical, juxtaposed with Ms. Swift’s firm, pleading voice.”

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Not bad for a sixteen-year-old babe to write her own content, right?


But his second album was the same. Really Blown for it.

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With hits like ‘Love Story’ and ‘White Horse’, Swift propelled herself to superstardom and the album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

And since then his fame started to skyrocket.

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IMDB describes Swift as “a multi-Grammy Award-winning American singer/songwriter who in 2010, at the age of twenty, became the youngest artist in history to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year.”

It continued: “In 2011, Swift was named Billboard’s Woman of the Year.

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“He has been named American Music Awards Artist of the Year, as well as Entertainer of the Year for both the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music, among many other honors. As of this writing, he is one of the most popular artists in music history. Also a best-selling digital artist.

Swift even received an honorary doctorate from NYU!

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This was for his achievements as “one of the most accomplished and celebrated artists of his generation”.


Of course, there were a few bumps in the road…

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But she became a source of inspiration for other young women trying to break into the industry with her own material.

But it wasn’t all positive…

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The journey hasn’t been easy, and Swift has rarely talked about the dark side yet.


Swift has had her fair share of bad relationships.

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And she seems to use it to help give her music more meaning.

One of her missteps was her relationship with fellow singer-songwriter John Mayer.

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Mayer and Swift briefly dated when he was thirty-two and she was just nineteen, from 2009 to 2010.

The star has written a number of songs from ‘Speak Now’ and ‘Dear John’ to tracks on the extended edition of his latest album which are rumored to be about Mayer. Midnight.

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The song is titled ‘Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve’, and if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s pretty wild!

More important, however, is the sheer success the album is seeing.

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Since its release, Midnight It has broken all sorts of records including becoming the most streamed album in a single day on Spotify.

Swift described the new record as “the stories of thirteen sleepless nights scattered throughout my life.”

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And this retro spirit certainly carries itself through the album.

One of the themes she explores is her experience of struggling with an eating disorder.

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The star first opened up about her experience in her Netflix documentary. Miss America.

They said “It’s not good for me to see pictures of myself every day,” and that “it’s only happened a few times, and I’m not proud of it in any way.”

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She continued to explain that “seeing a picture of me where I look like I have a huge belly, or…someone says I look pregnant…and it makes me want to be a little hungry—just… Stop eating.”

In new track ‘You’re On Your Own, Kid’, the star references this struggle for the first time in his music.

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“I hosted parties and starved my body / Like I’d get away with a perfect kiss,” Swift sings.

However, it’s the lead single ‘Anti-Hero’ that has everyone talking…

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A scene in the track’s music video angered some fans…

The controversial scene shows Swift standing in a bathroom with her apparent evil clone, who orders her to get on the scales.

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Once she steps on them, the camera pans down to show that the scale is reading just the word “FAT” and not a number.

Considering his experience, some fans were surprised by the scene.

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Even wrote an article for Juliette James HuffPost The title ‘I love Taylor Swift, but there’s a big problem with her new video’.

James wrote: “The worst part about it is that the moment she got on the scale, I knew that … because fatphobia is so prevalent in our culture.

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“Taylor Swift is not remotely fat, and never has been.”

He continued: “But ‘fat’ isn’t a bad word (obviously, neither is skinny). It’s a descriptive word turned into a societal insult.”

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“They may ‘feel fat,’ because our culture has turned body size into feelings, and because our society’s insidious and hurtful messages about bodies have harmed even thin women, but It’s not really the same as being fat.”

“Someone who looks like Taylor will never understand what it feels like to actually be fat,” the author explained.

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However, others hit back at the theory, and rushed to defend the star.

Swift himself said Instagram: “This song is a real guided tour of all the things I hate about myself.”

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She said the video shows her “nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts in real time.”

Fans have used this fact to defend the star.

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one Tweeted: “If you have a problem with Taylor portraying her eating disorder and body image in a video about how much she hates herself, I might suggest realizing that it’s not all about you. Is.”

one more said: “Showing Taylor’s fear of obesity is reflecting her past distorted ED mindset… not promoting it. She’s highlighting the fact that it’s distorted.

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You can watch the music video yourself. Here.

However, that came before the drama star made history…

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Swift achieved something no other artist had before her.

The pop star’s latest achievement is becoming the first female artist to occupy an entire top ten spot simultaneously.

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He surpassed the previous record of holding 9 of the top 10 spots.

“10 out of 10 out of the Hot 100??? On my 10th album??? I’m embarrassed, star!” Tweeted In response to the news.

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Swift’s new record also topped the album charts, tying Barbra Streisand for the female artist with the most No. 1 albums.

Lead single ‘Anti-Hero’, even with its controversial music video, took the top spot.

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This was followed by ‘Lavender Haze’, ‘Maroon’ and ‘Snow on the Beach’, featuring fellow singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey.

The rest of the top 10 was rounded out by new albums.

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It’s the perfect end to a big week for Swift, who also managed to break global Spotify streaming records with her new album.

Congratulations to Swift for making the history books!

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And with the recent news of his ‘Eraz’ tour, many fans waited patiently in an attempt to snag tickets.

However, Ticketmaster quickly became overloaded…

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And the site crashed, leaving millions queuing for hours.

Many took to social media to express their frustration…

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one wrote: “When Taylor Swift wrote ‘The Great War,’ she was actually preparing us for a Ticketmaster war. Her mind!”

one more joke: “8 billion people in the world and every single one of them is apparently Taylor Swift ahead of me in the Ticketmaster queue.”

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Ticketmaster itself took to Twitter to share an update with customers, revealing that there was “historically unprecedented demand” for tickets with “millions” having signed up for the presale. .

He urged fans to “hang on tight please” and added that queues were moving slowly.

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You can view the post. Here.

However, the next update left fans absolutely devastated…

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As it turns out, the general sale was cancelled, leaving thousands empty-handed.

Due to unusually high demand on ticketing systems and insufficient ticket inventory to meet that demand, tomorrow’s public on-sale for Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour has been cancelled.” Tweeted Company.

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He said that more than 2 million fans have already purchased tickets during the 2 pre-sales.

This means tickets were only sold to fans who received a code to enter the Verified Fan presale, or Capital One cardholders.

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Additionally, fans have criticized the site’s handling of the situation, as tickets quickly appeared on resale sites at insane prices, despite claims of a presale for “verified fans”.

In fact, Swift is in such high demand that resale tickets are now selling for as much as $95,000!

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Unbelievable cost increases caused by scalpers have left some fans frustrated.

A fan took away. TikTok To relieve his frustrations…

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The fan said Swift owed her a “massive apology” for the “absolute carnage and bloodshed” she was trying to get tickets for in pre-sales.

“You can’t tell me that Ticketmaster and the teller and his team don’t get a percentage from resale tickets,” he said.

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“That’s why they don’t stop sellers.”

He said that everybody wins in this but the fans.

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Swift herself has responded to the controversy with a statement shared on her Instagram story. UNILAD.

“There are many reasons why people have had such a difficult time getting tickets and I am trying to figure out how to improve this situation moving forward,” she wrote.

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“I’m not going to make excuses for anybody because we’ve asked them many times if they can handle this kind of demand and we’ve been assured that they can.”

“It’s really amazing that 2.4 million people got tickets but it really upsets me that so many of them seem to have had to go through several bear att*cks to get them.

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“And to those who didn’t get tickets, all I can say is that I hope we all get more opportunities to come together and sing these songs,” she added.

But it seems like it’s not good enough.

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As Taylor Swift fans in 13 states sue Ticketmaster, deadline Reports

Fans have claimed that the site has violated the Cartwright Act and unfair competition laws.

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Ticketmaster has yet to comment on the lawsuits.

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