Tanya’s arc in Season 2 of The White Lotus was inspired by Jennifer Coolidge’s personal quirks

Tanya has had an unforgettable journey throughout the series; unfortunately, it all ended with the season 2 finale. While this might come as a shock to most viewers, Jennifer Coolidge knew this long before the camera rolled. According to Diversity In an interview with the actress, creator Mike White told her about the d*ath, but did not finalize the ending. Since this was not exactly what she wanted to hear at the time, Coolidge was forced to trust that White would bring the story to a satisfactory conclusion.


In The White Lotus, Tanya meets her d*ath not at the hands of a m*rderer, but because of a rather thin instrument. Coolidge, however, was quick to point out that her character did not see this fatal staircase, and that Tanya’s ending was inspired by Coolidge’s tendency to leave out small details that might actually be important in a broader sense. “Mike White thinks it’s very funny that I can handle big things, but small things will be my d*mise,” the actress told Variety. “These little things confuse me. It was so much like who I am – I even heard Mike say it to someone. Not noticing what could save my life.”

The third season of “White Lotus” will tell about the secrets of the famous hotel chain. White has already hinted at the possible whereabouts of the next group of weary travelers (via People). However, this leaves Coolidge wondering what she will do when the series resumes with new cast members; “I’ll just have to go on different adventures this year and maybe visit Mike when they’re filming. [Season 3]she joked.


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