Taishia Adams created a wallet “Everything possible” to help Ukraine

Doing your part to make a difference. Taishia Adams teamed up with World Vision to raise money to help Ukraine by combining her love of fashion and philanthropy.

“I really wanted to come up with something for them to get more funds for the anti-crisis fund of Ukraine. So we came up with this handmade woven purse and with every purse donation the money goes straight to the foundation so they can distribute it properly. But I think the best [way] to [get involved] is to buy a wallet “Everything possible” and when you make a donation, you get a nice handbag in return,” she explained. Us weekly on Wednesday. “This is a really cool sign to take with you to remember what cause you donated to and remind yourself to just love each other and just be a good person whenever you can, for example.”


Adams also joined an organization that traveled to Moldova, where thousands of Ukrainian refugees live after the war with Russia.

Taishia Adams at the Bloomingdale 150 x Harper’s BAZAAR ICONS Party Christine Callahan/Shutterstock

“I went there for a couple of days and saw all the amazing work and the impact they have on the entire Moldovan community,” the former bachelor explained. “I think the most important takeaway was number 1 – the strength and sheer resilience that all these refugees have, but also the Moldovan people. The thing is, they were just able to just drop everything and just completely [welcome] strangers into your house and just being a real person without worrying about any political position or where you are from or who you are and just being completely helpful – that was what really humiliated me and that’s what I like I would like to continue to share with my community because as long as you are a really good person and love people, we can change the world and I truly believe in it.”

She concluded, “You know that host families, their utility bills and their grocery bills are also on the rise. So helping and just donating to things like the World Vision Ukraine Foundation is what you need.”

To learn more about Adams, watch the video above.


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