“How I Got My Landlord Arrested for Auto Theft”

Dean_of_gcc, a tenant of a rental townhome and Redditor Dean_of_gcc, recently shared an incident with “two young friends” who became their new landlords. I A post on the Pro Revenge CommunityThe author recounted how he saw his car being towed for “no hang tag” but it was clearly there in the pictures taken by the … Read more

Brandi Passante from Storage Wars was once a victim of identity theft

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in October 2012, Passante filed a lawsuit against Hunter Moore, owner of the website IsAnyoneUp.com, for publishing an adult film he claimed Brandi Passante was in. Although the video was fake, it featured an actress with similar facial features, some mistook it for the real thing, posting messages on her … Read more

3 best travel wallets with built-in theft protection

Us Weekly has partnerships so we may be compensated for certain product and service references. If you want to travel smart, you can invest in an anti-theft bag for extra security. At the moment, you can find an RFID-protected wallet, which is especially important for credit cards and personal IDs. These items have electromagnetic signals … Read more