Model Alison Daddo opens up about painful sexual assaults by multiple men

Alison Brache Daddo told a heartbreaking story about being attacked by multiple men and raped as a teenager, revealing she kept it a secret for years after being told she “deserved it”. The 52-year-old former model previously discussed the attack in her book The Menopause Queen: Seeking Your Majesty in Mayhem, but she spoke more … Read more

Australian box office records: Top Gun Maverick wins Avengers: Endgame

Maverick easily took over the rogue military facility of an unnamed hostile nation, but now he has defeated a much more formidable foe: the Avengers. Top Shooter: Maverick flew by Avengers: Endgame as Australia’s third highest-grossing film of all time. In the two months since the film’s release, it has grossed A$84.3 million at the … Read more

Splendor in the grass: Covid ‘recharges’ fears

The chief medical officer has warned of a “super charge” in Covid cases following the disastrous Splendor in the Grass music festival. The soaked revelers said they had no choice but to share small cans of water as they waited six hours for buses to evacuate them from the wet spot. Frustrated festival-goers said they … Read more

Splendor in the Grass apologizes for transport delays

Splendor in the Grass organizers issued another pejorative apology after irate attendees were forced to wait up to six hours in cold weather and mud to get home. The initial statement was poorly received after it was posted online on Sunday, and long delays were blamed on the lack of buses, which were said to … Read more