Laika Elevates Jeff Stringer To Chief Technology Officer –

EXCLUSIVE: Longtime Leica executive Jeff Stringer has been promoted to chief technology officer at the Portland, Oregon-based animation studio. Stringer’s promotion follows a more than 13-year run as the company’s director of production technology. He will now lead its newly organized Technology Group, which combines the creativity and resources of the previously independent IT, Production … Read more

Black Friday deals to shop as soon as possible: fashion, technology and more

Us Weekly has partnerships so we may be compensated for certain product and service references. Another day, another batch of mind-blowing Black Friday deals! More and more retailers and brands are joining the fun and dropping their promotions as the shopping holiday of the year approaches. Why wait? Especially due to shipping delays and supply … Read more

AI Technology Shows What Kardashians Would Look Like Without Cosmetic Work

Artificial intelligence technology has predicted what the Kardashian-Jenner family would look like without any cosmetic work… “The whole family looks good. Some more than others, but still all beautiful,” wrote one fan. through Getty Images “I want to know what I’ll look like after years of cosmetic surgery,” joked another. Scroll to know more… The … Read more

Cinemark And CJ 4DPlex Set ScreenX Pact, Planning To Equip Six Auditoriums With Immersive Theater Technology By Year-End –

special: Major movie theater circuit Cinemark has entered into an agreement with CJ 4DPlex to equip select auditoriums with the ScreenX premium exhibition format. The companies expect six sites in California and Texas to be equipped with immersive theater technology by the end of 2022, with additional locations under consideration. ScreenX offers a 270-degree field … Read more

Japanese all-woman dance troupe creates video soundtrack with their bodies

Performing arts productions traditionally have defined roles, with team members assigned duties based on their expertise. But increasingly, the lines between these roles are blurring, especially with the aid of new technology. In “Tone”, a video dance performance created by 22 members of the all-female Japanese troupe ELEVENPLAY led by director and lead choreographer MIKIKO … Read more

China released the top 10 buzzwords of 2021 – flat, metaverse, awakening era, YYDS among them

The following top 10 buzzwords of the year have been released this week by the National Language Resource Monitoring and Research Center, an organization administered by the country’s Ministry of Education, after examining billions of posts on Chinese social media for trending terms. 1: YYDS or ” Forever God” is the initials of the four … Read more