The IRS froze my accounts due to a multi-million dollar tax debt.

Kanye West recently claimed he owed millions in taxes after the IRS blocked four of his bank accounts. The 45-year-old rapper “Heartless” claimed that his “financiers” told him he needed to “pay a lot of taxes” during the Monday, November 28 episode. Timcast IRL podcast. “I’m talking about literally finding out that they were trying … Read more

Supreme Court Clears Way For Congress To Get Donald Trump’s Tax Returns –

Donald Trump has lost a bid to deny a Democratic-led House committee access to his tax returns. After a long legal battle, the US Supreme Court on Tuesday cleared the way for the former president’s financial documents to be turned over to the House Ways and Means Committee. In an unsigned brief with no dissent, … Read more

UK Government Considers Merger Of Film & TV Tax Reliefs –

The UK government has launched a consultation period for comments from industry leaders on plans to reform and consolidate tax relief measures for film, animation, high-end TV and children’s TV into a single tax credit. Is. The consultation period will run until 9 February 2023, with the reforms to be implemented in spring 2024. The … Read more

Abortion, Arts Funding, Millionaire Tax –

Voters overwhelmingly approved state ballot measures, including one protecting a woman’s right to an ab*rtion and another to fund state education programs. But Californians rejected a proposed increase of nearly $2 million in personal income taxes to support the shift to electric vehicles. Two measures to legalize online sports betting, along with cas*nos and racetracks, … Read more

Woman steals Halloween candy from her neighbor’s kids to trick-or-treat as ‘tax’, gets a little revenge on her mom

Arguably, one of the best parts of Halloween is all the treats. Kids often look forward to trick-or-treating for months before the big night and then spend hours afterward organizing and trading all the loot they brought. Even adults can enjoy baking or making cute spooky season-themed items: cupcakes decorated like ghosts, brownies like spiders, … Read more

Shakira Ordered To Stand Trial In Spain For Alleged Tax Evasion –

A Barcelona court has ordered Colombian music superstar Shakira to stand trial on six counts of alleged tax fraud involving 14.5 million euros ($13.9 million), according to the BBC and local reports. This past summer, it was reported that the Grammy winner was facing a possible eight-year prison sentence and a 23.8 million euro ($22.7 … Read more

Shakira to face trial for tax fraud in Spain

A Spanish court has ordered Colombian music superstar Shakira to stand trial on charges of 14 million euros (AU$20 million) in fraudulent tax evasion, documents showed on Tuesday. In July, Barcelona prosecutors said they would seek a prison sentence of more than eight years against the singer and a fine of nearly 24 million euros … Read more

Shakira shares a touching photo of her children as she faces eight years in prison for £12m tax fraud.

Shakira has shared a touching photo of her children as she faces eight years in prison for alleged £12m tax fraud. The 45-year-old Colombian-born singer “Hips Don’t Lie” is accused of embezzling millions of dollars from the Spanish treasury over a three-year period from 2012 to 2014. four Shakira shared a touching photo of herself … Read more

RHOC’s Noella Bergener SOBS ‘Closed Her Credit Cards’ As Husband After Serving Her Divorce Papers Amidst $6M Tax Debt

RHOC’s Noella Bergener SOBS as her husband “turned off his credit cards” after serving divorce papers amid his $6 million tax debt. On tonight’s episode of The Bravo Show, the reality star was shocked as she learned about her husband, James Bergner’s sizable tax debt, before serving up divorce documents. 1 RHOC newbie FaceTime told … Read more