66 People Share Where The Smart Kids From Their School Ended Up

He does some kind of morbidity projections for a hospital in a major city in Europe. The reason I know this is because in April or May of 2020, he posted on Facebook asking someone to call him because he was afraid he was going to hurt himself. I literally hadn’t talked to this guy … Read more

Amy Smart, Matt Davis Billy Zane & More Board ‘Blunt’; Voltage Launching Pic At AFM – KristenBellTattoos.com

special: Amy Smart, Matt Davis, Ne-Yo, Billy Zane and Greer Grammar are set to star in writer/director Anna Elizabeth James. dull. Voltage Pictures is handling global sales on the mystery thriller and will introduce buyers immediately. I dull, A single mother (Smart) wakes up to find herself surrounded and held captive at her country vacation … Read more

Rosalina Review: Caitlin Dever’s fresh, smart reworking of Romeo and Juliet

Admit it, you’re a little fond of revisionist Shakespeare. The famous bard tales have inspired so many incorrect adaptations, from The Lion King to 10 things I don’t like about youit’s always interesting to see what a creative director can do with old Will’s words. And when Baz Luhrmann defined what the modern version is … Read more

“HR says only smart people can work here”: Employees forced to take a skills test designed for new jobs, they grudgingly comply.

Companies invest a lot of money, time and effort in training their employees. So it is quite natural for them to want a good return on their investment. But when a Reddit user Revolution Friendly56 And when their colleagues learned they’d need to take a test to see how they measured up against the industry, … Read more

Flexible and smart design makes the most of a lightweight Hong Kong apartment created by combining two units

It took three months and 14 drafts to get the perfect design for this 1,600 square foot (149 sq m) apartment renovation in the heart of the Western District on Hong Kong Island. “We started with a choice of three options and then went into a lot of redesigns,” explains its lead designer, Emma McLean … Read more