Ed Skrein on how he developed the look and voice of his Mona Lisa and Blood Moon character

In order to bring his Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon character to life, Ed Skrein had to give up his native English accent. “[Fuzz is] written like a New Orleans street so we knew he was going [sound like] Louisiana and New Orleans [which is] kind of like London,” Skrein said. — What is … Read more

Ed Skrein Reveals What It Was Like Playing Ajax in Deadpool

As a longtime comic book fan, Skrein enjoyed the opportunity to star in a comic book film. “I was like, ‘At first, I can’t believe anyone would even ask me to do a Marvel movie,’” Skrein recalled. “I’ve been a comic book fan since I was 10 years old, going to comic book fairs and … Read more