Miles Teller Used To Recreate Cheri Oteri’s Spartan Cheerleader Role In Classic Will Ferrell Sketches –

Miles Taylor made his childhood dreams come true as a host Saturday Night Live. In the season 48 opener, the Top Gun: Maverick star revealed that as a child she and her sister would recreate sketches at home, including Will Ferrell’s classic Spartans cheerleaders skit. However, Taylor did not play Ferrell at the age of … Read more

How SNL’s Kate McKinnon Really Felt Breaking Character During Sketches

McKinnon confessed in the August 2022 issue of Vulture’s. “Not bad” podcast (according to Diversity) that breaking the character during the recording was not a laughing matter for her. “I was ashamed because we shouldn’t be doing this and there is something unprofessional about it,” she said. Specifically, the actress was referring to her Close … Read more

The SNL sketches that made Kate McKinnon feel at one with viewers

Magazine People reports that during her interview for the Vulture podcast, McKinnon spent a lot of time discussing her time on SNL. She paraphrased the various characters she played as well as what was behind the scenes. She shared her opinion on the two occasions when she “felt the most connected” with the audience. The … Read more