What happened to the dog threads after the shark tank?

According to official Dog Threads Web site, Scott and Geena Davis’ business is still booming. Shoppers can choose from a variety of options including hoodies, sweaters, pajamas, flannels and more. Each garment is available in different sizes for adults, kids and of course their furry friends. Eight years after its founding, the business is still … Read more

What happened to SafeGrabs after Shark Tank?

SafeGrabs creator Cindy Lee entered the updates segment a year after her appearance in Shark Tank. Lee’s product was featured at QVC, where it made $300,000 in less than ten minutes. The product was completely sold out the next day. Lee made $2.4 million in sales that year. She was also able to move out … Read more

What happened to the pricing policy after Shark Tank?

The deal between Pricetitution founder Dan Killian and investors Laurie Greiner and Rohan Oza has gone through. Shark Blog. While there have been no updates yet on the licensed product that Killian originally hoped to get, it’s more than likely that the team is hard at work on closing the deal. However, the product proved … Read more

What happened to Black Sands Entertainment after Shark Tank?

According to Diversity, earlier this week Kevin Hart doubled down on his commitment to Black Sands Entertainment. On November 4, Black Sands signed a partnership deal with Hart’s Hartbeat Productions, which released several of his films such as Night School, Fatherhood, and Time for Me. According to Variety, the partnership means Hartbeat will provide “strategic … Read more

What happened to FurZapper after Shark Tank?

When it comes to get rid of pet hair at homeThe process can be a losing battle when it comes to clothing. FurZapper, developed by Michael Sweigart and Harry Levin of Ocean County, New Jersey, addresses exactly this problem in its basic concept. As the creators of Shark Tank explained (trans. CNNBC Prime), a simple … Read more

What happened to Coco Jack after the shark tank?

So how did things end up with Dave Goodman and his helpful coconut opening product, Coco Jack? Unfortunately not very good. Goodman was excited about the collaboration between him and investor Mark Cuban, saying, “It brings me into a group of people who have been hugely successful, like Mark.” I’m really excited about this” (via … Read more

What happened to Quikflip after Shark Tank?

In the case of the Quikflip results after Shark Tank, there is both good and bad news. The bad news was that a deal with Quikflip creator Rener Gracie and investor Lori Greiner fell through (via Business Bucket). Luckily, this didn’t seem to affect Quikflip much. In 2019, the same year the company appeared on … Read more

What happened to the hard tie after Shark Tank?

With only Robert Herjavec and fashion mogul Daymond John left in the tank, the chances of Tough Tie getting the rating they hoped for were slim. Robert suggested to the couple $100,000 for 35% – a controlling stake in the company. Shoemaker and Bennett tried to talk him down to 25% and then offer one-third … Read more

What happened to GloveStix after Shark Tank?

Whether you’re the parent of an athletic kid or a sports fan yourself, Crystal Wood’s GloveStix seems to be the perfect solution to combat odor from bacteria-filled hockey and lacrosse gloves. But how did the sharks react to this? Well, in this particular episode, in which baseball star Alex Rodriguez was the guest shark, Woods … Read more

What happened to the knick-knacks + soles after the shark tank?

Kevin O’Leary praises the Nguyens for their reasonable valuation, while Robert Herjavec and Laurie Greiner assure them that the lack of a Shark Tank deal is not the end of their business. However, Lisa still cannot accept defeat. Confident that her company will succeed, she suggests “mitigating the risk” of the deal by including a … Read more