The only bone sequences David Boreanaz ever directed

Out of 246 episodes, David Boreanaz directed a total of 11 Bones parts (via IMDb). The first episode Boreanaz directed was “Bones That Foam”, the 15th episode of Season 4 of Bones. The actor directed 10 more episodes of “Bones”, including “Parts in the sum of the whole.” “Bullet in the Brain”, “Eclipse in a … Read more

‘The Gray Man’ directors Joe and Anthony Russo on the ‘painstaking’ process of creating action sequences

When asked about creating gripping scenes in The Gray Man, Joe Russo offered one word to describe their approach: “painstaking”. Anthony Russo added details, describing the intense collaboration that involved the entire crew. “[It’s a] really long process,” he admitted. “Part of it starts with a script-level concept of how you structure a task, a … Read more