Harry and Meghan outshine King Charles in a nightmare beginning to reign

This week the new king came face to face with Downing Street, which would have been unthinkable under Queen Elizabeth, but he is no longer noticed. What happens if Buckingham Palace declares war and no one notices? It’s not really a theoretical question. A rather extraordinary showdown has played out between the Palace and Downing … Read more

The reign of Queen Elizabeth II ends, the state crown is removed from the coffin

Opening a new era. The reign of Queen Elizabeth II symbolically ended on Monday, September 19, during a memorial service in St. George’s Chapel. Toward the end of the ceremony, Her Majesty’s state crown, orb, and scepter were removed from her coffin and presented to her at her coronation in June 1953. The touching moment … Read more

43 vintage photos of Queen Elizabeth II in her youth to commemorate 70 years of reign

Now, September 8, 2022 will go down in history as the day the world lost one of its most influential figures – Queen Elizabeth II. Considering the number of people around the world who were affected by this tragic loss, there is no doubt that the 96-year-old monarch led an interesting and successful life. Even … Read more

Chaos does not reign at $3.3 billion price – KristenBellTattoos.com

Yes, exhibitors, it’s cold there. Despite a 91% increase in annual summer domestic rentals, from $1.755 billion in 2021 to $3.35 billion according to Comscore (until Aug. 30), and a 90 percent explosion during the May Labor Day period according to EntTelligence, from 153 million to 291M over the same period, some feel the need … Read more