What happened to Richard Simmons? Birth defect makes fitness icon a recluse

For over three decades it seemed impossible to visit America without seeing Richard Simmons. The flamboyant fitness guru was an omnipresent force, covering commercials, publishing cookbooks, and selling tens of millions of workout videos that revolutionized the exercise industry forever. Beginning in 1980, the curly-haired, gleefully eccentric artist was also a regular on daytime and … Read more

How Linda Evangelista went from $10,000 supermodel to ‘disfigured’ recluse after botched treatment and liposuction

She was once called the “greatest supermodel of all time” but was deformed due to botched cosmetic treatments. AT her heydayLinda Evangelista has graced the runways of countless fashion houses including Chanel, Versace and Christian Dior. 7 The side effect of freezing the fat left Linda Evangelista “deformed”.1 credit 7 At the peak of her … Read more