Ginny May shared her recipe for a Spicy Manhattan cocktail for the holiday

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Laura Prepon shares her Hasselback Sweet Potato Cheese Recipe

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She is the only woman who bothered to learn Grandma’s secret cake recipe, calling her a sellout after the commercial aired.

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34 times people left an online recipe review that was so dumb, they embarrassed themselves.

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The man wants to expose the mother that their ‘secret family recipe’ actually came from the side of the can.

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Former Jason Sudeikis comments on Olivia Wilde’s salad recipe

The salad dressing scandal continues. Jason Sudeikis‘ former Keely Hazell shared the same recipe excerpt as his ex-fiancee, Olivia Wildehad done just the day before—only with her own annotations that seemed to cast a shadow over Don’t worry dear director. On Thursday, October 20, Hazell, 36, took to her Instagram story to share a specific … Read more

Olivia Wilde Posts Salad Dressing Recipe After Jason Sudeikis’ Dirty Claims

Olivia Wilde is pretty smart, even when it comes to cooking dinner. Don’t worry dear The director shared the recipe for her infamous “special salad dressing” that her former nanny claimed caused an epic row with ex Jason Sudeikis. Sharing a photo from Nora Ephron’s book Heartburnthe recipe says: “Mix 2 tablespoons of Gray Poupon … Read more

“I’ll make ’em wear gloves to eat it”: Wing joint-owner whips up a wild hot sauce recipe to shut up impatient customers

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Carla Hall Shares Halloween-themed Roasted Pumpkin Soup Recipe

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Teagan Gerard Shares a Killer Halloween Cupcake Recipe

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