Alaskan bush fans were absolutely disgusted by Bird Brown’s raw fish scene in Season 14 Episode 5

Season 14 has had multiple storylines so far, but the focus has been on Noah, Rain, and Byrd’s trip to Alaska. The last episode, titled “No Sleep Until Petersburg”, follows a family’s boat trip to a city where a beautiful plot of land is sold to the highest bidder. Despite some technical difficulties, the brothers … Read more

Jake Anderson of Deadliest Catch reveals his raw truth in his book Relapse

In 2014, Deadly Catch star Jake Anderson released his debut book, Relapse, which chronicles his little-known battle with addiction. After seeing success on the TV show, he wanted to use his unexpected platform to share his story candidly and let others know that they too can be cleansed. Before becoming a fourth-generation fisherman, Anderson had … Read more