Prince Harry’s Spare is available for free as part of the Black Friday sale ahead of the January release

Prince Harry’s candid autobiography is said to be of great concern to the royal family, but it’s already been flogged for free on Amazon. While the explosive release is set to hit bookstores in January, Audible’s Black Friday Free Trial Promotion has Harry’s book, Spareread by the prince himself, quoted as part of the sentence. … Read more

King Charles, Prince Harry: Royal memoirs could destroy the monarchy

During the long, tortuous, millenniums of English kings who sat on thrones, they were overthrown with axes, swords, arrows, longbows, dr*wned in a vat of wine, syphilis, an accidental fall from a horse, a hunting accident. ‘, gout, arrogance, and various monarchs were constantly unsatisfied with the desire to invade France. But could King Charles … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ‘stuck with the devil’ over their Netflix and book deals

A royal biographer said Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ‘stuck’ with their Netflix deals and books as the couple needs money ‘more than ever’. British writer Tom Bauer appeared on GB News. Dan Wootton tonightavailable for streaming Flashwhere he discussed the Netflix series Crown, which is to portray Prince Philip cheating on the late … Read more