As Fern McCann’s fight with Sam Fiers heats up, the most explosive celebrity brawls are taking place, including a feud over a s*x tape.

WHEN a friendship falls apart in front of the public, it doesn’t take long for all the dirty laundry to be on display. And Towie’s former pals Fern McCann and Sam Fiers are sad to learn that their difficult journey continues as their heated quarrel continues. 9 Fern was close to her sisters Sam and … Read more

Fern McCann came to the defense of fans after she was accused of fat-shaming Sam Fiers when new voice memos surfaced.

FERN McCann has been defended by fans after it was claimed she shamed Sam Fiers with a voice that doesn’t exist. The former Towie star was accused of calling Sam a “fat with a ***” with “big hips” in a voice memo on Wednesday, with Sam’s mother Susie calling the sound a “sneak att*ck.” 2 … Read more

Billie Fiers breaks silence after Fern McCann was accused of calling her sister Sam a ‘fat slut’

BILLY Feyers broke her silence on social media after her best friend Fern McCann was accused of calling her sister Sam a “fat bitch”. Sam’s mother, Susie, said earlier today that Fern, 31, said “unpleasant things” about her daughter in an infamous leaked voice memo. 2 Billie Fiers broke her silence on Instagram after her … Read more

Fern McCann and Sam Fiers have a rocky relationship inside after the SAS star was accused of calling a former friend a ‘fat bastard’

THEY grew up together in Essex, went through countless incredible experiences, including a meteoric rise to fame, and became moms around the same time. But Fern McCann and Sam Fiers have had an uneasy friendship over the years, which collapsed again this week. 5 Sam Fiers and Fern McCann have been friends for many years.1 … Read more

Fern McCann Row: Hear the “vile, infamous” vocal note that started the spat with Sam Fiers.

FERNE McCann has been accused of ‘shaming’ Sam Fiers in a shameful voice memo leaked online. The recording, which is believed to be the voice of Fern, shocked Essex and rekindled the feud between the former buddies. four Fern McCann accused of sending voice memo1 credit four Sam Fiers at the center of shocking comments1 … Read more

Fern McCann is being accused of a “vile assault” on Sam Fiers by the star’s mom, who says, “I can’t sit back and say nothing.”

Sam Feyers’ mom accused Fern McCann of a ‘sneaky’ attack on her daughter after voice recordings surfaced online. Mom Susie Wells said the tape contained some “very upsetting stuff” and came as a “total shock” to the family. four Sam and Billy Feyers’ mom Susie Wells accused Fern McCann of a “heinous” attack on her … Read more