Kanye West Trying to Bring Back Donda Academy in L.A. Area Church

Kanye West’s Donna Academy is just another one of the rapper’s projects that fell through, but it looks like he’s desperately trying to resurrect it… And it looks like it might get help from the church to get it up and running again. through Getty Images Read on for the full story. Kanye is undoubtedly … Read more

Teachers Are Reportedly Quitting Kanye’s $15K-a-year Donda Academy

This is the latest in a series of setbacks for the controversial star… “These kids don’t deserve this. Shame on all these teachers,” complained one fan. through Getty Images Read on for the full story… Kanye West is undoubtedly one of the most controversial celebrities in music… through Getty Images From her divorce from Kim … Read more

Kanye West Shuts Down Donda Academy

Kanye West’s private school is closing its doors, after the school’s principal revealed the news in an email to students’ parents. Kanye founded the Donna Academy in Simi Valley, California that year. through Getty Images The school is named after the star’s late mother, who died in 2007 at the age of fifty-eight. The unaccredited … Read more

At Kanye West’s secret Donda Academy, where parents at a $15,000 school sign non-disclosure agreements and students wear Yeezy uniforms

Kanye West Now fans can get a peek inside the mysterious rapper Donda Academy in exclusive photos obtained by The US Sun. In addition to the $15,000 annual tuition fee, student families are reportedly required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and students wear Yeezy-designed uniforms. eight Fans can take a peek inside Kanye West’s Donda … Read more

Parents at Donda Academy must sign a non-disclosure agreement

Kanye West forces parents to sign non-disclosure agreements if their child is enrolled in his Donda Academy, just as concerns about the quality of the school’s education are starting to spread. The 45-year-old rap and fashion icon, who also created a formidable high school basketball team made up of the nation’s top high school talent, … Read more