Paul Schroeder did not skimp on the words about the blonde Andrew Dominika

On October 7, 2022, Paul Schroeder took to his Facebook page to discuss the noteworthy “Blonde”, offering his take on the film as a whole. For the most part, he makes it clear that the feature has numerous redeeming qualities, writing: “[Dominik’s] the kaleidoscopic approach, juxtaposition of colors, screen formats, camera styles, music, sound effects … Read more

“Blonde” Andrew Dominika revels in the suffering of Marilyn Monroe

If you think Blonde is going to be your average Marilyn Monroe biopic, you’re in for a rough shock. Andrew Dominik’s film is an artful, moody, and visually bold challenge to the staid celebrity life story, but it’s also a grueling, stomach-churning work that sucks the life and joy out of one of pop culture’s … Read more

Blonde director Andrew Dominika is ambivalent about one of Marilyn Monroe’s most famous films

Andrew Dominic is definitely not a fan of “Gentlemen Who Prefer Blondes,” a 1953 film by Howard Hawks in which Monroe portrays a dancer with her fair share of admirers. The director stated this during an interview with the British Film Institute. Magazine “View and Sound”but a review of sorts was not published in the … Read more