The weight of the Ironheart Mark 1 suit was no problem for Wakanda Forever’s Dominic Thorne

In an interview with Diversity, Dominique Thorn explained that the Ironheart suit was not created in post-production with CGI, but was actually a practical suit that she had to wear. Apparently, the filmmakers waited until filming was over to tell her how much the suit weighed, and it turned out to be 52.5 pounds, exactly … Read more

Dominic West spoke about the greeting of Queen Consort Camilla

King’s acknowledgment! Dominic West ran into Queen consort Camilla during filming Crown – and unexpectedly greeted the actor. During an interview with British Radio Times on Monday, October 31, the 53-year-old British actor – who will play King Charles III in his days as a prince in the upcoming season of the Netflix series — … Read more

Wakanda Forever’s Ironheart actress Dominic Thorne almost played another MCU character

In a 2021 interview Empire magazine, Dominique Thorne explained that she auditioned for the first Black Panther for the role of Shuri. Afterwards, Thorne said that she didn’t have to audition for the role of Riri Williams, which she was incredibly surprised and excited about. “I was at home in Delaware and they called me … Read more

Why does a blonde end up the way she does, according to Andrew Dominic

According to Andrew Dominik, the main reason he chose not to rethink Marilyn Monroe’s d*ath was because he simply doesn’t believe anything else could have happened to the vixen from the movie other than a self-inflicted overdose. “I don’t believe she was killed,” Dominic said. Wrapper in an interview in September 2022. “It doesn’t make … Read more

Andrew Dominic, Ana De Armas felt the presence of Marilyn Monroe – Venice –

Blonde Director Andrew Dominik and his star Ana De Armas felt the presence of Marilyn Monroe while working on the highly anticipated biopic, which will have its world premiere tonight at the Venice Film Festival. Dominic told Lido’s press office this afternoon, “We were kind of chasing her ghost… Her dust is all over LA.” … Read more